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    World Peace is Real

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    Susan Carew from Worldpeacefull is a World Peace Clown, peace educator, mediator and poet.  She speaks about World Peace as a personal experience. She reads poetry from the 17th century and from her own dispute in the current time. The microcosm is the macrocosm. Until each of us became an example of peace we are looking outside of ourselves for peace when always it was within.

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    ATC WorldWide Ministry.

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    Rev.Meiam talks with his guest about the One question that today has become the question of 2016. Os God Man? And is Mankind God in Human form.

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    Roadmap to God Consciousness Step 5

    in Spirituality

    God Consciousness is a state of unconditional love and fearlessness. When you are free of fear, the Presence of who you are emerges to reveal the love, peace, and bliss of your true nature- God within.  Now you can learn how to support this awakening of God Consciousness with these 12 simple steps.
    These teaching courses are channeled directly from the consciousness of Jesus, Buddha, Angels & many other Masters word-for-word by Soul Communicator, Connie Fox.
    The Roadmap to God Consciousness® is a 12 Step Course
    which teaches how to directly experience the presence of God within yourself. The development of God Consciousness within is nothing less, or more, than the expansion of your own consciousness.  As you expand awareness, you become more of who you really are and less of the ego-driven self. It is the ego's belief that you are in a world separate from God - separate from peace, love, and perfection.  Awakening our heart's love toward our formless Father is, in essence, the quickest way to the direct experience of knowing God.
    “Loving Yourself back to fullness of life is how Our Father intended you to live." - Jesus(enlightenment)

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    Full Moon & the Business of Paganism

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    Many people charge for their magick related services and supplies.  It's a business, like any other, just that it's geared towards a specific demographic.  But, what are the ethicals guidelines?  Are there any?  Should there be any?  We'll look into a variety of practices and the business principles behind them.  Is taking money the same as "energy exchange" or bartering for services or goods?  Join us live and feel free to call in or chat about it!

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    FINAL WEEK Overcomer's Rapture Show (2hrs)

    in Spirituality

    Christian rapture fellowship and prayer

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