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    A New Tale of The Garden of Eden - The Timeless Saga

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    Last week we hoped to start a study of Adam and Eve and their saga from Paper 74 of The Urantia Book, but we spontaneously decided to back up and study Paper 73, The Garden of Eden. So that is where we began this week. We read half of Paper 73 and will easily finish this week before beginning Paper 74 on Adam and Eve.
    We read and discussed the first four sections of this wonderful paper, including: The Nodites and the Amadonites, Planning for the Garden, The Garden Site Establishing the Garden.
    Human life on earth had evolved for hundreds of thousands of years before Adam and Eve were brought to this world. The tale of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden has undergone extensive elaboration through time. Interpretations and beliefs regarding Adam and Eve and the Garden vary across religions and sects. However, The Urantia Book brings amazing new detail to the Garden story. It reveals the human and superhuman heroes who helped to build it in preparation the arrival of Adam and Eve, the "biologic uplifters."
    This week we will cover the second half of Paper 73, including these sections: The Garden Home, The Tree of Life and finally The Fate of Eden. These papers about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, from Part III of the Urantia Book offer a fascinating and detailed account of momentous transactions in history, and they reveal, as never before "the origin of the well-nigh universal folk tale of the gods who came down to earth and there with the daughters of men begot an ancient race of heroes."
    "And so was the Garden of Eden made ready for the reception of the promised Adam and his consort. And this Garden would have done honor to a world under perfected administration and normal control. Adam and Eve were well pleased with the general plan of Eden..."
    Tune in to explore this fascinating revelation with us and gain new insights and understandings about our remarkable human history!

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    Evolving Soul with Anthony: Interviews Evidential Medium Joshua-John

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    Joshua-John a psychic medium who communicates with Loved ones and Angels. From 17 years in foster care and 33 homes, Joshua has gone his whole life without a family only to bring people closer to theirs. Joshua is known for his evidence in his readings and his compassion to bring love into every reading. JJ’s Mission here is to it to help heal, guide, and direct people in all fashions of life. He not only works full time a Medium but a social worker and community outreach coordinator. JJ has spent the last 6 years focusing his life by healing those who need it the most by doing countless private readings and unique and special group readings. Within the Mess, there is ALWAYS a message… what’s yours?

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    Revealing Conversations with Petra Nicoll and guest Kimberly Marooney

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    Guest: Rev. Kimberly Marooney" http://KimberlyMarooney.com
    Activate Your Soul Star
    Working with angels is an amazing experience. They take us to places we could never imagine as they pour wisdom and grace into us. Archangel Gabriel activates your Soul Star in an experience of Divine Love and Grace. You’ll learn more about your Soul Calling and Life Purpose as you experience asking for what you need, then receiving it. You’ll receive the mantle of authority and empowerment to manifest your Soul Calling NOW! No more waiting.
    Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney was blessed with the ability to experience direct personal contact with God angels, and spiritual beings. She was the first person in the world to earn a Master’s degree in Angelology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. Many of the best know angel experts have sought to learn from her, including Doreen Virtue. Kimberly skillfully combines her 40 years experience as a mystic with her education to guide people into profound, life-changing angel encounters. By following inner guidance, this gifted mystic has authored a dozen books including best-selling Angel blessings Cards and founded TheAngelMinistry.com. Most recently, Kimberly was appointed President of Gateway University.
    A gift for listeners: Connect with Angels to Receive Your Mission / Angel Master Class http://theangelministry.com/receive-your-mission/
    Your Host: Transformational Story Coach, Petra Nicoll
    Petra's trials and tribulations in her own life have inspired her book, Petra’s Ashes Get Petra's FREE Meditation MP3 at PetraNicoll.com

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    Johanna Carroll's Dialogue w/Divinity: Business Of Being A Spiritual Counsel PT2

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    In today's edition, Johanna will be joined by Naomi Soddamen to discuss your intentions of being a spirirual counselor, and how important "integrigrity" plays in running a successful role a in life-changing couseling business.  
    There are some people who simply do this for the money, but these are the people you should "avoid"!  Spiritual counseling is a very serious business which includes karmic repercussions... This session will guide you, and help you "define" your "mission" in helping others live, and experience a better quality of life.
    We will be taking your calls, so feel free to reach us here at the studio at 646-478-3549.  We will be doing mini readings to assist you in your quest for finding your mission so DO MISS OUT!!!

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    Cosmic Current Reborn with CJ Miller & Jennifer of the Cosmic Jungle

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    Tune in LIve at *pm EST/ 5pm PST for a lively and open discussion about some of the latest trends and most intrguing informatoin avaolable on the Spiritual Scene Today.  Welcome to Spring 2017, wiht the blooming growth of a new consciousness and the Rebirth of Cosmic Current, formerly of in5d Radio (with CJ Miller and the late beloved Helane Lipson).
    Tonigh, March 21st, Tuesday, Please Join Hosts, CJ Miller,  Certified Hypnotist, Counselor, Reiki Healer, & Wellness Retreat Coordinator, along with her good friend and Co Host Jennifer of the Cosmic Jungle/Jennifer Galligan,  Shamanic Healer, Dowser and House Clearer, as well as Provider of cutting edge spiritual healing tools: in other words a true Spiritual Renaissance Woman!   Join these powerful women as they move deeper into the self and further down the rabbit hole than mosts tend to go!  sure to be an interesting night full of enlightenment and humor.  You wontl' want to miss this one!  Stay tuned!  

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    Christopher Reburn welcomes back Lisa Williams: Grief, Healing & Hope

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    World Renowned Medium & Clairvoyant, Bestselling Author & Star of Lifetime TV's Life Among The Dead and Life After Death on the Style Network Lisa Williams One of the worlds finest spiritual leaders and mediums is back with us once again for more spiritual enlightenment! 
    Now on her 12th appearance on Conversations with Christopher, join us as we talk with Lisa about what she's been up to, her upcoming events, current messages of hope, the first step in grieving and healing in the aftermath of the death of a loved one and so much more!
    When Lisa Williams was a little girl, she discovered she had a gift. Communicating with those who are no longer with us. Some people say what she does is scary other people say she change their lives. Lisa just says what she hears and sees and she sees a lot. Lisa's personal 'spiritual' journey has been an exciting and rewarding one. She had to go through many life-changing experiences to understand what her calling was in life.

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    Kundalini & Radical Change -> Radical Action-> Radical Trust->Radical Obedience

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    "For those of you who want the Kundalini 
    Listen to the radio show 
    For those of you who want to understand various aspects of the Kundalini
    Listen to the radio show 
    For those of you who may wish for an audio Shaktipat 
    Listen to the radio show " 

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    Awakening Consciousness in Difficult Times

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    We are currently in Maya's drama of destruction and transition between Yugas. This is Her creation cycle. If we can understand that, and stay nonattached to the negativity, we can play an integral role in creating peace and love . We must awaken ourselves now so we may help usher in a new yuga of Love and Unity.

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    The Psychic Coffee Shop

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop, hosted by Aeson Knight and Raine S Love, where we will be meeting Every Wednesday night, to talk about Current event from the psychic viewpoint.
    Giving you information on a topics and often will have guest stopping by to share with us a cup of Joe and Some good conversation. So set back enjoy a cup of coffee and join in with the conversation.
     Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years. He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials.
    Raine S Love is a trained medium with skills to contact crossed over loved ones and also a wonderful emphatic clairvoyant with specialization in love and relationships.
    These two  energies combined this promises to be an inspirational, as well as empowering hour of you week. Each week we will be co-hosting the psychic coffee shop where we encourage you to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that will provide you with answers and solutions to the issues you are dealing with in life. It is our goal to not only provide you will pertinent subject matters that pertain to your life, including current event discussion, but offer you tools and information to assist you on your life path journey.
    We will be covering subject areas such as; psychic phenomenon, current hot topic issues, how to build a relationship. We will also include various points of view on what we are all doing here in this life. You are welcome to participate in our chat room and have the opportunity to receive a free reading at the end of each show
    You can reach Aeson and Raine at http://psychiccoffeeshop.info/

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