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    DAR275 Kevin O'Brien with Host Bear Woznick

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    Bear talks story and WORST WIPEOUTS 'decleaters' and 'cow launches' with Kevin O'Brien of Pewaukee, WI. Kevin O'Brien grew up in suburb of Detroit, MI in 1970 and went to Bowling Green University. He played professional football from 1993-1996. During his professional football career he started to search for God everywhere but the Catholic Church. After many years of looking he eventually returned to the Catholic Church. As his faith grew, he felt the need to help other men back to the faith. He Co-founded one of the largest Catholic men's Conferences right here in Wisconsin called "Men of Christ." He believes that bringing men back to the faith is one of the greatest ways to make a profound difference in this world.

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    Indianapolis, IN – Would you love to know what the future holds for you? Would you love to feel joyful about the physical, mental and spiritual direction that your life is headed? Is there something missing or lacking in your life and you just can’t seem to figure it out on your own? Know that you are not alone. With over 46 years of professional experience, world renowned clairvoyant, intuitive therapist and spiritual healer, Marilene Isaacs Kauffman helps people like you, from all walks of life to uncover the keys to happiness and open the doorways to achieve better living.
    Marilene was born with deep intuitive skills and ancient wisdom. Through conscious recall, Marilene remembers the moment she came into this world and her many lifetimes before… and through this unique ability she has been able to forecast many personal and historical events. Her illustrious career includes features on popular radio programs and documentaries, and hosting multiple radio and television shows including the television show called “The Psychic Connection” which actually pioneered the now popular format of live audience and call-in shows to share psychic ability.
    Based out of Indianapolis, Marilene operates the Center of Peace as an environment of healing, love and unconditional love. Holding sessions by Skype as well as in person, even clients outside of the Indianapolis area can experience the amazing abilities that Marilene offers. With her unique gifts, Marilene heals people, animals and even places.
    In addition to her session work, Marilene is a keynote speaker and hosts workshops and events that feature intuitive readings, spiritual teachings and lessons in healing. As an active writer, Marilene has established a massive following on social media with thousands of followers. Soon she will be releasing an archive of rare video footage, coursework, live features and interviews. 

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    George Kavassilas-Using Love to Overpower the Matrix

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    On Episode 3 of "Nature of Reality Radio," I welcome Australian consciousness/metphysics expert and ET contactee George Kavassilas. We will discuss infinite consciousness, infinite love, benevolent/malevolent ET's, and how to break free from this matrix that is the 3rd dimension of consciousness. We will take calls too.

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    Bonnie Albers On Air : UK Medium Psychic Marc Richardson is Back in The HOUSE

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    Please Join ME and my Special Guest Marc Richardson and his Awesome FAB SPIRIT Guide Tommy . Together they will bring you Clarity and Awesome messages from the other side . Marc is an internationally Known SPIRIT Medium ,Psychic speaking to to from The UK . YAY

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    Revolutionary Voodoo: Fa Ifa with Co Host Awo Ojelola Ajani Fasakin

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    Revolutionary Voodoo: Fa Ifa with Cot Host Awo Fasakin
    "Psychics can predict but New Orleans Hoodoo Voodoo Secrets and Recipes get Results!" Do you want to talk about it or are you ready for powerful spiritual lasting results?
    A Revolutionary revival of Traditional African Spirituality and Religion among the African born in America.
    In this powerful series, the wisdom of Ifa and the power of Voodoo tradition come together in the sacred home of New Orleans Louisiana Hoodoo Voodoo Secrets and Recipes
    Featuring Co-Host and Elder Priest and Awo of Ifa Tradition and Practice in The House of the Divine Prince, Ojelola Ajani Fasakin, founder of Osebiile Temple, Based in Thomaston, Georgia. Osebiile Temple serves the worldwide community through the West African tradition of Ifa and Orisa.
    More than a religion, a culture and a lifestyle of result oriented practice and tradition of healing, empowerment and liberation. Self-determination, Communal Economics and the development of the individual and the community.   
    #1 in Professional Expert Psychic Readings and Divination – NOW AVAILABLE 24/7 on www.psychic.org/en/thedivineprince
    Pan African Spiritualist Practitioner Author and Advisor
    Hoodoo New Orleans Voodoo Secrets and Recipes with The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca
    NOON US CST 347/215-8967
    My LIVE Listen In and Call In Number is 1 (347) 215-8967 NOON US CST
    Pan African Spiritualist Practitioner and Advisor.
    Elegun Oloye Hoodoo New Orleans Voodoo Chief Obeah Bokor.
    Two-Spirit Conjuror #TheWitchDoctorMedicineManBlackHawkVoodooChiefDivinePrince #RespectTheVoodoo 
    ?? All is a Blessing! #RespectTheVoodoo xxx ??

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    Evolving Soul with Anthony: Interviews Evidential Medium Joshua-John

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    Joshua-John a psychic medium who communicates with Loved ones and Angels. From 17 years in foster care and 33 homes, Joshua has gone his whole life without a family only to bring people closer to theirs. Joshua is known for his evidence in his readings and his compassion to bring love into every reading. JJ’s Mission here is to it to help heal, guide, and direct people in all fashions of life. He not only works full time a Medium but a social worker and community outreach coordinator. JJ has spent the last 6 years focusing his life by healing those who need it the most by doing countless private readings and unique and special group readings. Within the Mess, there is ALWAYS a message… what’s yours?

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    KAMA SUTRA Consciousness

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    Dive into a deeper message and understanding of the Kama Sutra with Rev. Goddess and Decide for yourself how Kama Sutra Consciousness can bring balance healing power and Sexual Mastery and Bliss into your LIFE! Utilizing Kama (Pleasure) and Sutra (Scriptures) you can learn and merge your sexual and spiritual spirits into a Sacred Marriage. Have fun with the Kama Sutra Cards "Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions" from the Sexual Shaman website (www.sexualshaman.com) by Kenneth Ray Stubbs. This deck shows and gives you the position for the healing and expansion needed to rise in your Tantic Lifestyle. Rev. Goddess will pull kama sutra cards and give messages on how the particular card and its message is needed right now. And if there is time, she will pull a personal card for those of you that call in! Join the show and be erotically blessed! Goddess Blessings 

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    A show by Sisters for Sisters. Becoming a Holy, set apart, Daughter of Yah is of great price. Tune in to fellowship, calls and biblical discussion concerning the woman of the Israelite Faith. Your host Sister Ashley with cohost Sister Jennifer. Welcome to the University of the Painful Truth!!!

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    Feeling the need to share your forerunner status with others?

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    Summary of Brenda’s March 10, 2017, channeled 15-minute Creation Energies show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:   Perhaps you’ve displaying unexpected actions or reactions. Such is so because you dared to incorporate segments necessary for this earth life. Once you allowed yourself enough self-love to accept the gifts of those lives without fear, you became a different being. You’re a more complete entity than ever before while of the earth, so you have a different response to stimuli. You’re new you. 
    Energy Burst Needs are Refined is the title of this week’s Brenda’s Blog – her weekly channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.
    Overview of Brenda's March 17, 2017, Creation Energies show: Current energies are encouraging you to inform others, who aren't necessarily on a new you/New Earth path, that you're a powerful forerunner with many skills and resources. You've likely hidden your forerunner status and talents because of lifetimes of persecution for those skills. So it is you're accepting your inner-power on all levels.
    Brenda’s Creation Energies show and Brenda’s Blog contain different channeled information.

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