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    Pleiadian Initiations with Christine Day

    in Spirituality

    This is the 4th show of a series of 5 shows. In today’s transmission:  The Heart’s multidimensional chamber is opened through the Diamond of Light energy, giving a deepening access to the Higher Self. Reconnect to a new anchored and balanced space of light within your own Heart. Within this chamber you can rest, and stabilize yourself in your day-to-day life.
    Remember, your heart is your only true and authentic reference point in your life! 
    Christine Day Online airs on the first and third Monday of each month at 2:30PM Central time.

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    Conversation with Aeson

    in Spirituality

    Each Week Aeson Knight shares his view and your calls as you are the cohost, share your views and get your most burning question answered.  Aeson invites, you call in and talk about what every topic is on your mind, from love and relationship to the current events.
    You get a chance to really share your views and have real Talk, With Master Psychic Aeson Knight as he set down to share with you his view on the changing world and how you can improve your life, plus he invites you to share How You’re Doing?
    Master Psychic Aeson Knight Aeson Knight is a Master Psychic, distance healer, pow-wow practitioner and practicing witch, gifted with Clairvoyance from the age of three, he is Third Generation Master Tarot Reader. A Straightforward Reader, he has been advising clients for over 22 years.
    Master Tarot Readers Degrees, Master of METAPHYSICS, Registered Clairvoyant, Certified Registered Psychic, Certified Registered Tarot Advisor, Certified Registered Spiritualist, Certified Master in the Art of Tarot Reading, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church, he focuses his gifts to help pinpoint details since 1987.
    You can reach Aeson at aesonknight.com

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    New Breath

    in Spirituality

    Join Norma Delaney as we breathe with soul and connect with our essence.

  • 01:07

    Your Sacred Wealth Code

    in Spirituality

    Your Sacred Wealth Code is unlike any other wealth creation book out there. It isn't an investment guide, a pyramid scheme, or a sales manual. It isn't even a "follow your passion to success" guide (although passion is an important part of your Wealth Code). Instead, this book is a key to unlock what your soul already knows: what makes you unique in the world, and how you can leverage your purpose, your desire, and your own set of “superpowers” to connect with your personal path to wealth.
    Prema Lee Gurreri uncovered the Sacred Wealth Code and its accompanying body of work while on an internal quest to align with her own purpose and prosperity. Prior to discovering her own Wealth Code, Prema had created a well-known yoga studio and wellness center in Washington State. An acclaimed Vedic Astrologer, spiritual teacher, and coach, she nevertheless struggled to make things work in her business and life. After a harrowing “dark night of the soul,” during which she was called upon to release both her business and her marriage, she decided it was time to find out why, despite so much hard work and sacrifice, she was still so challenged around money and success.
    Using her insight as a Vedic Astrologer and intuitive, Prema undertook a deep, internal dive, and emerged not only with the knowledge of how to change her own life, but with a universal formula for creating true wealth and success that can be applied by anyone, in any field, at any stage of life.

  • 01:56

    The Wrath of God When Disaster Strikes

    in Spirituality

    The Wrath of God When Disaster Strikes and Life Counseling in the ATRs Some would have you believe it is God's anger directed towards non-Christian religions when a natural event such as a hurricane, tsunami, or earthquake destroys certain regions. It has become commonplace for religious groups other than Christianity to be reprimanded for their beliefs after a natural disaster strikes. We'll also discuss if ATR practitioners should receive training on how to counsel clients on life situations.

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    Signs From Above

    in Spirituality

    Joining Joy in the Cafe tonight is co-host Karen Forrest. Karen is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, top selling author and Spiritual Counselor from Nova Scotia. Tonight Joy and Karen will be discussing how we know we are recieving messages from our Angels !

    Sometimes these signs are very subtle and other times quite obvious. When the Angels want to talk they will make themselves known !

    Do you have an inspiring story about how the Angels or a deceased loved one has contacted you ? We'd love to hear them. Please call our listener number at (646) 652-2656 to share with us and all of our listeners.

    The Bundle of Joy is overstuffed with free gifts. Bring a friend to the show and you and your friend will recieve a free gift ! Listen in to find out how ! Join our chatroom and meet our regular "chatters" and meet Joe, our resident comedien and waiter. Watch for your Sign From Above and bring it to the Cafe this week !

    Angel Blessings from Joy !

  • 01:07

    Samhain Special: Wiccan High Priestress Phyllis Curott!

    in Spirituality

    Enjoy a special Samhain interview with Phyllis Curott - practicing attorney,Wiccan high priestess, founder of the temple of Ara and the international best selling author of Book of Shadows, WitchCrafting and The Love Spell - and learn all about Wicca, the holiday of Samhain, the crisis of global change and the call of the Goddess.
    Described by New York Magazine as one of the "hippest and most intellectually cutting-edge” culture-makers, Phyllis lectures and teaches on the Divine Feminine, the wisdom of the Earth and reemerging indigenous spiritual traditions. She has been profiled in The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, USA Today, New York Magazine, The View, The O’Reilly Factor, Lifetime, Oxygen and CNN. Phyllis is Vice-Chair of the Council for the Parliament of the World’s Religion and an advocate on religious rights.  She has been honored by Jane Magazine, along with Hilary Clinton, as one of the Ten Gutsiest Women of the Year, and was a finalist for the Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award 2000. 

  • 01:05

    The 5 Signs that Let You Know You're About to Get What You've Been Asking For!

    in Spirituality

    Ever feel impatient or even despondent about when your manifesting projects are going to come to fruition?
    You are not alone. But you may be looking for the wrong signs altogether.
    The true signs that are letting you know that you are about to have a breakthrough often look completely different than what you would expect.
    On this show we are going to talk about:
    - The 5 signs that let you know you are about to get what you have been asking for!
    - What you can do to stay out of the way
    - How you can keep your equilibrium as you allow things to take form
    And much more!
    If you would like to ask a question about your own manifesting project be sure to call in early at (917) 889-2626.
    See you on the show!
    How are you managing your Energetic Frequency? Take the free quiz to find out at: www.theahaway.com

  • 01:06

    Transformation and Healing Our Lives with The Angels

    in Spirituality

    Hello and welcome!
    I am your host, Barbara Calvano, Angel Intuitive and Life Coach of  www.bcalvanocoaching.com
    Join me for my LIVE show or on replay on BlogTalk radio' Let's Ask the Angels'.
    Call in for a reading, life coaching and energy clearing at 424-675-6837.
    I will be talking healing and transformation in our lives, sharing the weekly upcoming messags from the angels and taking listener calls for readings! Hope to have you join me! Angel light and love, Barbara
    To stay updated on radio shows, events, Facebook LIVE follow me at:
    Twittter bkiddcalvano
    Instagram bkiddcalvano
    Youtube bkiddcalvano
    To book a personal session with me by phone, Skype, Facetime, in person bcalvano-coaching@usa.net
    or www.bcalvanocoaching.com/services
    Angel blessings! Barbara

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    Johanna Carroll's Dialogue w/Divinity: Business Of Being A Spiritual Counsel PT2

    in Spirituality

    In today's edition, Johanna will be joined by Naomi Soddamen to discuss your intentions of being a spirirual counselor, and how important "integrigrity" plays in running a successful role a in life-changing couseling business.  
    There are some people who simply do this for the money, but these are the people you should "avoid"!  Spiritual counseling is a very serious business which includes karmic repercussions... This session will guide you, and help you "define" your "mission" in helping others live, and experience a better quality of life.
    We will be taking your calls, so feel free to reach us here at the studio at 646-478-3549.  We will be doing mini readings to assist you in your quest for finding your mission so DO MISS OUT!!!

  • 00:27

    Out of the Fog: Into Your Dreams with Dr. Michael Lennox

    in Spirituality

    If dreams are messages from the unconscious mind, then knowing how to work with them can yield amazing results. Dr. Michael Lennox is the author of two books on the topic, and a new book, Llewellyn's Little Book of Dreams, released this fall. We'll talk all things dreams, dream interpretation and the value of knowing what your unconscious mind has to offer.

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