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    Interview with Caroline Joy Adams

    in Spirituality

    Caroline Joy Adams is the creator of Inspirations, the autnor of three published books, an artist, counselor, inspiratinal workshop leader, and college professor of Writing, Film, and COmmmunication. currently living in Arizona. Her highest goal is to help those she works with to access their own deepest layers of creativity, and use the powre of positive words to change their lives. One of her favorite workshops to teach is called Writing as a Pathway to Spiritual Growth and Healing, and in this she helps participants find ways to heal from the past by looking at the most diffiult people and situaitons in theri lives a new and transformative light. Her latest book is called The Power to Write: Seven Keys to Discover Your Writer Within, and she is also the author of A WOman of WIsdom: Honoring and Celebrating Who You Are, and her most popular quote is Your LIfe is a Sacred Journey --You are On the PAth, Exactly WHere You are Meant to Be Right Now.

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    Power Zone Broadcast

    in Spirituality

    Weekly services at Bethlehem Apostolic Church in Aurora, Colorado

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    Brad Kronen's Goodwill Gifts of Christmas - Sag Through Pisces

    in Spirituality

    Brad Kronen's Goodwill Gifts of Christmas
    Part III Sagittarius,Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

    "On the 12th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me, A Partride In A Pear Tree."

    If The Times they are a changin’, why shouldn’t The Holidays? And these days, who has the room, money, and insurance for all that “12 Days of Christmas” noise and mess, anyway?

    There is a modern and a much more karmicly efficient alternative – Brad Kronen’s 12 Goodwill Towards Men Gifts!

    12 Individual Gifts Brad has created for every sign of the Zodiac, each chock full of karmic goodness and wrapped with love…..(cough). My apologies! I must have choked on some gingerbread or other piece of sugared love-treacle.

    In honor of The Great Benefic (aka Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and Blessings) shifting planetary gears and lurching forward on November 19th after a very long 4 month hiatus of being in a Retrograde cycle, I published on examiner.com my “Goodwill Towards Men” Horoscopes – 12 published pieces for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac along with an angelic introduction, telling everyone in what astrological area of life they should expect to see Jupiter’s blessings and abundance during the Holiday Season of 2010!

    In honor of actually FINISHING this Yuletide Labor of Karmic Love in time for the Holidays, I will be reading each sign’s Goodwill Horoscope over the course of 3 internet talk radio shows along with playing my personal all time favorites of holiday music selections!

    Take the holiday load off your feet, relax, and listen to Brad narrate your sign’s Goodwill Horoscope interspersed with some of the most heavenly Holiday music to be found under the Heavens!

    So Join Me, Won’t You? Provided YOUR Partridge is Quarantined.

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    Cycles of Nature and Journey of The Soul part 3

    in Spirituality

    We are joined by Ra-Omar, a reincarnated spirit of Ptah whose artwork is being recognized WORLDWIDE. Through his artwork he has learned to decipher the Metu Neter which has opened levels of information that has never been spoken of before. BY connecting everything to nature, he has put some important pieces to the puzzle that the world has been waiting for. This will be a three part interview that will detail the journey of the soul in and out of the body and he will show how nature is our ultimate key to salvation.

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    An Intimate Story of Spiritual Transformation

    in Spirituality

    Join Lexie and guest writer artist Katharine Stone Ayers for this discussion on Spiritual Transformation and Katharine's #1 Best Seller.
    Healing comes in many forms. Some find healing in people, events, or places; others find healing in art, music, writing, and creativity. For artist-writer Katharine Ayers, her healing journey blends painting, poetry, and introspection. And in From Frozenness to Freedom, she shares this personal healing with all.

    In this intimate story of transformation, Katharine takes you to a beautiful retreat center on Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands where you follow her experience of how spontaneous intuitive painting opened doors to the unconscious and created healing. She tells us about the process of painting and how she was guided through a life-changing experience.

    With beautiful, expressive paintings and lush Hawaiian photography complementing her story, you’ll find this chapter of the author’s life a truly endearing and moving one.

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    2012: We are the living prophecy

    in Spirituality

    Intiana of Awake2012.com and Eden Sky of 13moon.com have been researching
    2012, various prophecies, the Mayan Calendar and the Dreamspell Calendar
    for 16 years. They will be discussing many aspects of the personal and
    planetary awakening taking place and culminating on December 21 2012. This
    date December 21 2012 is the convergence of all prophecies. This date is
    the completion of a 5,125 year Mayan World Age Cycle, spanning the
    entirety of recorded history. We each have a starring role in the closing
    of this cycle as we are being purified, strengthened, and guided to align
    with our own natural Divine Design. We are the ones to nurture the
    birthing of this New Civilization that is to dawn on the other side of
    this Cycle. The ancients have left us many clues, and the mission for all
    of us now is to remain courageous and willing to do what must be done. We
    truly are the ones we have been waiting for...In Lak'ech - I Am Another

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    Sun Signs: Sagittarius

    in Spirituality

    For our next installment of 'Sun Signs'... We will be exploring the traits, corresponce, and magicks associated with Sagittarius - - - What's your sign? What does it mean? Well... join Pagans' Today regular show series "Sun Signs" and get Astro 'ed-u-ma-kate-ed'. -- “Sun Signs” will cover all the Astrological Sun Signs and will have corresponding air dates. So tunes in each month and explore the current Sign. - - - Show Hosts: Kara Skye & Shona Rain - Call-Ins Welcome - - -
    Zodiac Symbol, Sagittarios, The Archer, 22 November – 22 December

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    Holy Cow Batman... this is the BIG ONE!!

    in Spirituality

    We are officially knee deep in Mercury Retrograde and on the eve of the full lunar eclipse/winter solstice/galactic alignment... the big push forward is near... and by now, you should be clear on your life path. We have 30 minutes and a lot to talk about!!

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    Grip of GO)D Radio Season II

    in Spirituality

    Live Talk Show in The Glory and Realism of GOD

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    in Spirituality

    Christmas for some is the most wonderful time of the year… especially for children. But for others, well, it can be the worst time of the year… and there are plenty of stories and statistics to back up both claims. So how about you? Are you for Christmas or against Christmas, or ambivalent to its presence, and for what reason(s)?

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    The Great Deception of Christmas and Santa Claus

    in Spirituality

    Comparing Biblical facts with its "counterfeit" created by Satan, today we will reveal some interesting TRUTH relating to who really receives worship when we observe Christmas folklores (i.e. Santa Claus).  The First Edition of A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection is referenced in this study.  If you have the Latest Edition it may be three pages ahead of the First Edition.  God bless.  —Fondly DST.

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