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    Radio Respite: Megan Don

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    Megan Don is the author of Meditations with Teresa of Avila. She is a spiritual counselor and teacher of “The Pathway of the Mystic.” She leads pilgrimages to Avila, Spain and other sacred sites in Europe. Megan devotes herself to awakening the mystic within humanity and teaches an embodied spirituality that honors all traditions.

    Saint Teresa Avila had the unique ability to blend a rich mystical inner life with the practical skills required for everyday living and creating. Despite her status in the spiritual community, she often struggled with self-doubt, fear, and lack of validation by others. Through sheer perseverance, she became a living example of what it means to simultaneously be one with God, self, and the outer world. In Meditations with Teresa of Avila (New World Library, March 10, ,2011) Megan Don translates the writings of this beloved spiritual figure and makes the topic of her life and work readily accessible to a contemporary audience.

    An intellectual as well as a mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila was a woman ahead of her time.
    Born in 1515, she entered the Carmelite Monastery at age 20 and ultimately reformed the way the monastery and order operated. Her inspiring, direct connection to God combined with her practical work in the secular world has made her revered and loved by women and men of many religious backgrounds.

    Saint Teresa’s writings described the soul as a clear crystal castle with many rooms, or dwellings, to be entered as one seeks the inner mansion, the dwelling place of God. The seven dwellings are: Awakening; Return; Self-Knowledge; Interior Recollection; Surrender; Betrothal; and Sacred Marriage. Meditations with Teresa of Avila explores each of these seven dwellings and presents several lessons with guided meditations for each one. 

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    Best American Psychics

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    Join Shay Parker on Best American Psychics as she interviews the nation's most talented psychics each week. Shay is the founder of Best American Psychics and she brings only the best psychics to the air waves! Listen in as psychics from across the nation are interviewed and take advantage of the opportunity to try them before you buy them! All guests on Best American Psychics have been tested as legitimate professionals. Call in for free psychic readings! Check out the psychics on www.BestAmericanPsychics.com

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    We Are Not Obligated to a Way of Life Via Conception

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    We are not obligated to a way of life based on how we were conceived.

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    Zion City Ministries present: Prayer Tabernacle

    in Spirituality

    Prayer Tabernacle is a network of christian intercessors praying for families, physical and emotional healing,financial breakthrough, world peace and many more.

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    Relaunch Intro to the Show

    in Spirituality

    I created a site call The Emotion Link. My website is a place to help my friends and others to get Accurate Psychic Readings and Spiritual guidance. I knew a lot of people who put a lot of money into so- call psychics including herself. My friends and I were really disappointed in the results of their "gift". I really wanted to do something about it because living in today world, has so much going on around us that we sometimes can not even control it. Like cheating love ones, money and finance problems, needing spiritual direction and much more. The Emotion Link is way different from the other sites and psychic lines. We pre-screen our Psychics. We have tested their psychic abilities, speed, and their accuracy rate. This will helps us to match the best Psychic reader that fits just for you. I want you to have a wonderful psychic experience even if its your first reading or your hundred.

    Give The Emotion Link a try. Call (877) 275-0394 or visit my website http://www.theemotionlink.com

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    Kindness Network - Spread love

    in Spirituality

    Loving Kindness is our essential nature. Love is a special kindness that we are all capable of. This episode explores techniques for changing the world with loving kindness.

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    "What About Me"

    in Spirituality

    Open for co-dependents who are still suffering from the pain of abandonment and grief.

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    777 Psychic Cafe

    in Spirituality

    777 Psychic Cafe is a show where you can get straight on target readings for your life.

    Vince has been gifted with the ability to communicate with spirit since childhood and provides a letter from spirit when providing messages (readings) from the other side. He has been successful in contacting loved ones who have passed on and at predicting people’s relationships and careers. He holds advanced degrees in psychology and has worked extensively with conduct disordered individuals and drugs addicts. He has been a student of The Kabbalah and Ancient Religions for many years.


    To Schedule an appointment please call 813-885-5032 or email him vlw1121@gmail.com.

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    Signs of the Time

    in Spirituality

    The entire planet seems to be screaming at us! But what is she saying? Join us as Dr. Tony Moore, Herbalist and Spiritual Adviser, shares some ancient and modern day warnings, predictions and instruction. Were're back in the drivers seat... Ta Ta!

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    Free Tarot Readings by EternalSpirit

    in Spirituality

    Call in and get a free tarot reading of past present and future. Make sure to ask about getting a full tarot reading (Celtic Cross). Don't be shy! Call in!

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