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    Christian relationships
    What does the bible say about Christian living together unmarried?

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    RVM Vision Voice

    in Spirituality

    Bishop Elijah and First Lady Solomon share insight and experience into evangelism and harvesting souls.

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    The Art of Appreciation

    in Spirituality

    The energy present when we appreciation, is the energy the creates worlds.  Join us today with my friend and teacher Rev. Julie Renee (www.julierenee.com)
    We'll discuss how appreciation and the daily practice of this energy can transform your body, your business, your relationships. 
    As Abraham says- appreciation is the vibration of The Vortex and everything you have been asking for..
    We'll also explore a new business that is built on appreciating others everyday.

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    Alchemy & Angels with Shankari and Khrystine Episode 7

    in Spirituality

    Co-Hosted by World Renowned Shankari The Alchemist and Khrystine Bugbee RN/ATP®. Join us and discover all that you have ever been and are to become.
    Our show will focus on personal alchemy with education topics surrounding Shankari's 33 Points of Light. This series will focus on one point of light each week. This week's topic is: Turquoise, the stone of Protection & Release of Negativity.
    If you enjoy this series and would like to purchase a set of Shankari's 33 Points of Light cards, please check out her website at: http://shankari.com
    We will also be giving free readings to our call in listeners. Khrystine is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. and would love to connect with your angels to bring to you their messages of love and light for your greatest good  If you're unable to get through for a reading during the show, but would like a reading from Khrystine, please feel free to contact her at:
     http://angelinsight444.com We look forward to being of service to you. Please join us. Love, Light and Magical Blessings, Shankari & Khrystine

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    Awakening Through Transparency: A New Culture of We

    in Spirituality

    With Patricia Albere and Thomas Hübl
    May 24 @ 6pm PT / 9pm ET
    There’s a new conversation happening in the world – the zeitgeist is finally becoming more apparent! Humanity’s real power arises from our capacity to feel our deep connection to each other, to empathize, cooperate and collaborate.
    Thomas Hübl, a contemporary Austrian spiritual teacher, and Patrica Albere share a passion for empowering people to live this consciousness of connection, to self, the other and the greater whole.
    Listen in as they discuss:
    Why awakening to the inter-subjective field (the space between us) is important to our next level of development, personally and culturally Why a META-SANGHA (a group of teachers in a deep commitment to one another) could be instrumental in moving spiritual work and consciousness to a new level What kind of large scale healing modalities are possible in healing our collective wounds, and if they eventually could replace therapy and individual modes of healing And much more…

    Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher. He represents uncompromising clarity, which brings the enlightened potential of a new “Culture of WE” into the light. His workshops and trainings invite people to experience a deeper dimension of self-awareness and individual responsibility. Thomas is the initiator of the Celebrate Life Festival and the Synchronized Humanity Tour. He founded the Academy of Inner Science in 2008, creating a space for the exploration of contemporary mysticism, which directly contributes to a waking culture.

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    My Cross

    in Spirituality

    A message about carrying your cross, not dragging it, not pushing it,  not siting on it and certainly not giving it to someone who has a cross to carry on their own. But realizing that our cross is not going to destroy me but it can empower me to go beyond my own limitations.  Listen  in and take a look at the things in our lives that we sometimes take for granted.  

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    No More Excuses

    in Spirituality

    Get excited about Monday mornings and the upcoming week. Interfaith Minister, Rev. Leesa Myers, shares with listeners steps to gain clarity, intention and inspiration to help break the excuses that hold us back from loving life. Rev. Leesa uses Angel and Tarot Cards and Spiritual Laws to help with seeing the events for the upcoming week. Get some insight and stop the excuses that are keeping you from loving life.

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    Evening WINDS: Without

    in Spirituality

    When You Have The Holy Spirit You Can Still Do What You Want To Do, But Without Him You Will Never Do What You Are Supposed To Do.

    Donations/Gifts: http://bit.ly/WINDS_Gifts * Main Site - http://CHRISTWINDS.ORG

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    Awards in Heaven First Show

    in Spirituality

    Call in with your Biblical Questions.  If you need prayer or guidance, let us pray for you. 

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    Protection with the Angels: Rev Barbara in the Wisdom Circle

    in Spirituality

    (The last few minutes of the show were cut off. Let us remember Barbara's words: "It's All Perfect!" Enjoy the 45 minutes of the conversation.)   A Wisdom Circle Discussion with Rev Barbara Andrew About Barbara, Teacher, Angelic Life Coach®... http://www.angelsteach.com/angelic-life-coaches/ My journey to angels has often seemed a meandering labyrinth in which the circuitous route, one which winds its way out ahead, has been my chosen path. The angels have helped me to see and trust that path more easily. 
    Barbara Andrew BScN, BA Psychology,  Ordained Peace Minister, The Beloved Community. Chaplain - AllSeasonsWeddings.com, Teacher/Practitioner Quantum® Touch and other healing modalities www.quantumtouch.com Artist, Poet, Mom, healer, traveler on the journey,
    Barbara Andrew
    Guelph, Ontario Canada - "Have hands, will travel!"
    Email: Barb@AngelsTeach.com
    Phone: 519.362.5215

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