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    Mystic Deva "Meditation: "Entitlement"

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    Join Mystic Deva, host Dora Jones for our continuing series on meditation
    Does your present reality reflect your belief and attitude?
    Do you feel you deserve what you want to create?
    Do you think something is due you by life in general?
    Do you think you are entitled to wealth because you are who you are?
    Tune into tonight and find out what you believe you are entitled to just by taking a look at your present reality.
    Does it please you?
    Do you want makes changes?

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    Think & Grow Rich

    in Spirituality

    Think & Grow Rich

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    Love and Ministry (Part 2) The Meat of Love

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    We continue talking about Love and Ministry.  The Last show we talked about with Co-Host Jai La'Shawn Wilson on his view of love and how his past issues caused him to choke the life out of his relationships. He goes on to talk about the lessons learned once he connected with his inner man. Author of New Found Freedom and All the Things A Woman Wishes A Man Would Say.   We will continue with the message of Love and Ministry and the need for love in ministry.  In addition Host Maisha of Inner Connection Ministries will deliver a prophetic word for the people.  And declare what thus saith the Lord on this 2 hour Radio Special.

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    Gary Styled Energy Work...I'm Back Baby!

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    It's time to get back on the air. Lets talk about the Heart center, strange perceptions of time right now and do some energy work!

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    Meet Eva Gregory...

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    Eva Gregory is known as America’s Divine Guidance Coach, Eva Gregory is a master coach, conscious channel, and author of several books and programs including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, Ten Weeks to Your Cosmic Connection to Source and Guidance On Demand: Where Spirituality and Practicality Merge.
    In her work, Eva brings through her powerful, loving, non-physical guides known as Theos. Theos is a stream of consciousness whose mission is to integrate our understanding of how we can embody our Higher Selves deliberately – so we can begin to live from that highest point of consciousness NOW.
    This will be our last show for Fabn50, as we recently have decided to expand on our strengths and offer Relationship Consulting for those couples who are having a bit of a rough time and want to take their marriage to the next level, As well as, for those individuals who may not know if they want to stay in their present relationship. We are working behind the scenes getting everything ready and will let you know where you can find us. We may decide to do a different BTR show on Relationships of all kinds and will keep you posted as well. In the meantime, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook under 3MinutesPerDay. Thank you for your continuing support...we really appreciate each of you.

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    Kundalini Awakening with Master Chrism

    in Spirituality

    What is Kundalini?
    Join Shelly and Master Chrism as we discuss the experiences of the Kundalini Awakening.
    "Kundalini is not typically a subtle energetic experience. Sometimes when it is incremental then yes it can be gentle, but when awakened with out guidance it is strong and even with guidance it can be a stunning experience" - Chrism
     Master Chrism's websites:

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    ReAligning Our World

    in Spirituality

    Join host Gaia Renee for an hour of interviews, talk, questions, and ReAligning Energy Work. Gaia Renee, an intuitive healer, psychic, teacher, minister, lecturer brings questions to the table about 2011, the energies of ascension, and what it means to ReAlign. She does this through lively discussion, interviews with other teachers and leaders, and Direct Voice channeled messages from Divine Mother and the Sophia council about what needs to be done to be ready for Ascension and the New Earth Energies.

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    The Power Report : The Meaning of Life

    in Spirituality

    Why are we here? Can we truly find answers to the question - what is the meaning of life? How do we start? How do we know what is true? How do we know whom and what we can trust? Join us as we share this empowering and inspirational information.

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    Weekly Archangel Message

    in Spirituality

    Beginning this month, May 2011, Rachel Richmond your hostess of Awakening the Spirit, brings forward an alternating weekly archangel messages. With the success of the Weekly Archangel Raphael messages (with nearly no duplications) the Monday shows will begin to incorporate another mighty archangel - Archangel Michael. 
    The angel/archangel messages are non-denominational and yet all the angel messages build on each other to provide insight, clarity, healing, compassion, joy and well-being.  By incorporating these two archangels and/or rotating between them, a higher learning can come forward as a moment is taken to explore a deeper meaning - to move beyond the “face value”.
    The messages are my own interpretations that come in the form of an weekly affirmation and Spirit. Please know that any oracle card reading, etc. is for entertainment purposes and I do not support any particular religion, cause, nor attempting to convert other individuals.  As always, it is solely your responsibility for your life decisions. 

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