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    Journey To A New You

    in Spirituality

    For the young adults to encourage you in your every day lifes to help you with life issue and to show some support to let you alway remember you have a Purpose in your life that you need to fulfill 

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    Prayer Watch At Noon is hosted by Evangelist Debra Jackson on Debra Jackson Live Internet Radio on www.debrajacksonlive.com
    For prayer request or praise report call: 717-379-1503
    Email: prayerwatchatnoon.com

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    8/6/2012 OCULUS RADIO (Re-Run)

    in Spirituality

    Monday Night on Oculus Radio will be a recorded show. The crew @ Oculus are taking a much needed break and will resume broadcasting next week.
    OCULUS RADIO is a platform for all souls to free their mind of the constraints that society has placed upon them.    We seek to find voices deep within the abyss who have been waiting for that moment in time when they know their words will heal those of who seek true fulfilment and balance. Where life experience has become the generator of all their gnosis.   We acknowledge the Divine Feminine and wish to address the imbalance that has been perpetrated throughout the historic record. We seek to rejuvenate an old wisdom which has been eradicated from our divine script.   We call to the Mystic Shaman, Poets, Artisans and Prophetic Vagabonds of our Counter Culture to come out of seclusion and join with us to co-create with our Divine Planet, a new Pleasure. An amorous journey into the realm of Unlimited Potential.     Join Hosts: David O'Brien and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of INDULGENCE into creating the world we seek.

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    iSpeakLife w/ B.B.Barnett

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    "ISpeakLife" focuses on having a "personal" relationship with God. This show is sponsored by Willow's Tree Ministies and hosted by Evg. Salena "B.B." Barnett. We pray that each segment will reach those who are in need of a closer relationship with God. The Bible says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of his rightousness and all those other things will be added unto you". It's vital to have an active prayer life. It's vital to know God for yourself in this day and time. The preacher can't go to heaven or hell for you. Know God for yourself.
    We are here to Encourage, Love and to Empower. That is Willow's Tree Ministies Mission. This is a hate-free zone. We embrace all of God's creation, reguarless of race, sexual orientation, or religious belief. We are not here to push a certain belief on anyone. God is the only one with the power to evoke change. To God be the Glory for all things.

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    Birthing Your New Reality - with Melissa E Watts

    in Spirituality

    Patsy“PJ” Cannon is an Author, Life Coach, Forgiveness Coach, Bliss Coach, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Reiki Master Teacher. She quickly realized that these Universal Laws could be applied to all areas of her life, and as the magic in her world began to unfold, she began sharing these “secrets” with others. She soon realized that sharing and teaching this information was her mission in life.   Forgiveness Is Bliss, chronicles her challenging, yet exciting journey through growing up in the Jim Crow south, along with personal traumas such as sexual abuse, to ultimately uncovering “forgiveness” as the secret to a happier life with amazing benefits.  www.BlissinLife.com 

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    Goody Goodies Live ~ Intercessory Prayer Line

    in Spirituality

    Call in with your prayer request and testimonies. You can remain anonymous or give us a name.

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    Munum Mediums Psychic Surgery

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to munum mediums psychic surgery. Every show is different with a wide range of callers with varying needs and issues we focus on helping in a variety of ways. Intuitive readings of a persons situation followed by analysis and advice.  we treat the cause of the problem(s) and then focus on the future direction and path to a better future.
    Healing forms a big part of our show. Find out how we can help you escape from stress, depression, heartbreak, negative emotions and reactions.
    From analysis of cause to a unique and lifechanging healing come and take part in Munum Mediums Psychic Surgery.
    for a full list of healing services please check out our website at www.munummedium.co.uk
    send an email to munum@live.co.uk with your problem and telephone number for a private session.
    Receive a full 20 min healing or reading on the air in exchange for a donation so we can keep up the good work. Visit www.munummedium.co.uk for details.
    contact us on skype/ munummedium
    follow us on twitter or facebook for details of upcoming shows
    love and light
    jason and graham 

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    Last Show! Inspiration and Readings with Shana Lee

    in Spirituality

    This is it! My last Blog Talk show for the foreseeable future. 
    I've loved every minute of 'Spirit Talks' and speaking to people from across the world. As a psychic and medium I love using my gifts to inspire and empower you. I beileve in following my heart and encouraging others to do the same. This is only the beginning of my radio ventures, so please stay connected through my website or newsletter for future news at www.shanaleegibson.com 
     I hope you'll join me for my last show where I seek to inspire and empower you in your life. I will take your calls and answer your questions! 
    Thank you for your love and support. I wish you all the greatest peace, love and joy. Never give up, no matter what obstacles you are faced with. You are a spiritual warrior and  life is but a dream.... 
    See you on the show,
    Shana Lee xx

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    Earth Talks

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Earth Talks where we have conscious conversations with phenomenal people who are transforming the planet. Ever wonder how these conscious super novas got to where they are? Curious about their personal breakdowns that led to such powerful breakthroughs? So are we! We give you a behind the scenes look into how they woke up and started to live their best life!
    Today's show is with Julie Zipper, the Headmistress of Earth School. Julie is an Agape Liscensed Spiritual Practitioner who's dark night of the soul in her 20's led her to a Mystical awakening that forever changed her path. 

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    Mastery in Oneness/ Wholism

    in Spirituality

    7 Starlight Earthfeather, is an inspirational, knowledgeable, applicable spiritual wholistic life guide. Combining ancient spirituality and poet personifications, 7 will share the value of care of the body with service to humanity and ultimate wellness.
    Support her work and ask her to speak to your groups.

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    God loves us so much and we need to realize the true meaning

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