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    Prayer Circle - Family of Derek & Family of Gary

    in Spirituality

    As some of you have seen I have posted updates on a close friend - Derek who was in a motorcycle accident on 11.24.12 and has been in the hospital healing since.  He has made some MIRACULOUS positive changes since then.  Prayer I believe has been the thread keeping the healing going.  My father has also been going through his own healing and continues to do so.  This is a 30 prayer circle with Trevor Carter initiating prayer for all the family of these two very special men! Join us.. pray with us... and you know what you hear and what touches you will spark it within you and within your own life that needs to be healed! *Bless

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    Gnostic Outreach with Rev. Jay

    in Spirituality

    Ever noticed how spirituality and your life doesn't quite mesh? Have you ever sat back and wondered why we are having problems in our world and know there is a better way?
    That is the subject for this broadcast. Uniting everyone to the spirit of this world with your life. 

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    YourLifeRadio - Episode 2 - Immortality of the Soul

    in Spirituality

    On this second show of YourLifeRadio,RicardoChavez talks about one of the exciting subjects from his book Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera, the Immortality of the Soul and the Reincarnation. The Human Trinity, the Physical Body, the Soul, the Spirit and the Perispirit are just som of the themes that our host will talk about on this broadcast.
    Visit us at www.YourLifeTheBook.com and don't miss the opportunity of reading the wonderful book Your Life Does Not Have To Be A Soap Opera, which has changed people's lives around the world.
    Follow Ricardo on Twitter as @RicardoChavez and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RicardoChavezActor. Also, visit the Book's Page on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/YourLifeDoesNotHaveToBeASoapOpera and on Twitter: @YourLifeTheBook.
    See you there!

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    How Singing Improves Your Life TeleSeminar with Eli Herrera

    in Spirituality

    "How Singing Helps You Be the Change You Want to See in the Room While Manifesting Your Desires that Benefit All Including You"
    Teleseminar and Concert with Elisheva Herrera
    In Eli's own words: "I also use songs to climb up the emotional ladder. If I'm sad, I sing about it, then I might move up to being hopeful, then eventually happy again."
    We are  going to talk about the emotional guidance scale, how resisting it gets us stuck, how to accept and feel our emotions, and then what to do to feel better once we have fully felt these emotions, and how singing helps us move up the emotional guidance scale, and then Eli will sing the entire range of songs that help her move up the emotional ladder, live on air! This will be recorded as well.
    For more info, click here 
    For more about Eli, click here

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    Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    I AM NOT A PSYCHIC MEDIUM. I AM A NATURAL PSYCHIC WHO DEALS WITH AREAS SUCH AS YOUR LOVELIFE, MONEY/FINANCE ISSUES, CAREER, FAMILY AND WORK ETC. Very quick one question short readings tonight because the show will only be 15 minutes and I need to get to all if not most of the callers :D :)

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    Leaving Fear Behind

    in Spirituality

    God didn't put a spirit of fear in us but He put peace, love and a sound mind inside of us. Let's have a real life dicussion tonight. 

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    Twin Flame healing affirmations

    in Spirituality

    Please join us in using these affirmations for healing the Twin Flame energy. They can also be useful for any relationship and especially the one for our own souls, If you would like atranscript of these affirmations conact me. SirRon at sirronald@earthlink.net. God Bless you and Mamaste, GOD/ GODDESS

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    FREE Author tips and Audrey Lee Storyteller

    in Spirituality

    FREE author publishing/promotion tips, listen in for tips.
    Today's guest author is Audrey Lee, an artist, psyhic and storyteller. Audrey will talk about her Christmas Story books and how Santa and Mrs Claus endorse her books and put a very large order in for Christmas this year with her lastest book about Finding Dragon Faeries.
    You can place your order and find out why Santa endorses Audrey's Christmas Stories at Once Upon a Storytime.
    Go to DMBookPro for Publishing and Promotion answers.

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    The StarScopes Zodiac & Cusp Forecast for December 2012

    in Spirituality

    December 2012~
    Certified Astrologer, Tami Sabo (RedArdor),of AUL Ministries, brings insightful and straight forward messages from the Universal stars each month. Get the monthly report to see what the stars have to tell you!
    Sponsored by AUL Publications. ( http://www.ardorsofuniversallight.com ).

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    TuVidaRadio - Episodio 2 - La Inmortalidad del Alma

    in Spirituality

    En este segundo show de TuVidaRadio, Ricardo Chavez nos  habla sobre uno de los apasionantes temas de su libro Tu Vida No Tiene Que Ser Una Novela, la inmortalidad del alma y la reencarnación. 
    La Trinidad Humana, el Cuerpo Físico, el Alma, el Espíritu y el Peri-Espíritu son tan sólo algunos de los asuntos que nuestro anfitrión trata en este programa.
    No olvides de ir a TuVidaRadio y sobre todo no dejes de leer el maravilloso libro Tu Vida No Tiene Que Ser Una Novela, que le ha cambiado la vida a miles de personas alrededor del mundo.
    Sigue a Ricardo en Twitter como @RicardoChavez y en Facebook en www.Facebook.com/RicardoChavezActor. Y también visita las páginas del libro en Facebook: www.Facebook.com/TuVidaNoTieneQueSerUnaNovela y en Twitter: @TuVidaElLibro.
    Te esperamos! 

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    Psychic Understanding

    in Spirituality

    In today's show, your host, Brandon Hauser, will be talking about how you can develop your own psychic senses. Why would you need to develop your psychic senses? What use do they have in your own life? How can the development of such senses prove to create a better understanding of yourself and the world around you? 
    At this time in the world, it seems imperative that we integrate a new understanding of each other and ourselves, so that we can continue our race of humanity, in the best light possible. The old ways of being are dying off, and it is time to embrace change! 

    *If you would like to receive a reading, be sure to call in*
    To contact Brandon Hauser, please visit 
    Metaphysical Healing Artist
    If you would like your Own private reading, you can schedule an appointment using the link below.

    Schedule Appointment

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