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    Witchcraft Tonight With the Coven Avalon

    in Spirituality

    Merry Meet! Come Chat with REAL WITCHES about things that real witches care about!

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    El Portal ~ Cristales y Orgonitas

    in Spirituality

    Bienvenidos a mi Show The Portal "El Portal" ~ Estoy estrenandolo en la version en espaniol para todos aquellos que sirven el camino de su propia espiritualidad. Quize incorporar informacion de cristales y orgonitas, y los beneficios de estas. Tambien voy a hablar de los dias/planetas rituales que se pueden efectuar, habra musica, y claro todo lo que pueda exponer en mi show, inclusive ofresco propaganda a aquellos que lo necesitan, en su grupo, coven, negocio, eventos. Espero me eschuchen y pueda traerles lo mejor de mi. Mil bendiciones a todos!!!
    Gabriela Falcon
    Maestra Reiki y Oraculo Spiritual
    Website: www.sacredseal.webs.com
    Email: gabrielafalcon2010@yahoo.com

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    Tarot and the Art of Card Reading

    in Spirituality

    This is the last program of the John Cappello Radio Show.  It will concentrate on reading Tarot cards and the techniques associated with using these as a tool to enhance your psychic ability.  Free psychic readings are available.
    John Cappello, the host, will be moving to the Inception Radio Network in February.  The new show will be called "Beyond Metaphysics" and will debut on February 5, 2013.

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    The Little Green Bag

    in Spirituality

    Multiplicity of subjects, casual rants, laid back and center of attention.

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    Keeping up with the Joneses

    in Spirituality

    Prosperity? Filthy Rich? Are the Joneses Preachers of the Gospel now? What is your take on this? This will be a powerful broadcast. You don't want to miss it.

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    Kosmaks Tone Zone

    in Spirituality

    High Frequency Remote Tonal and  Crystal Healing's
    Hormones and Harmony go hand in Hand
    In the beginning  there was light and sound. both have frequencies  I use my high frequency tones along with my crystal's and other stones to break up lower resonance to allow  Light to Come  into your being causing a  Higher energy enlightenmentl 
     Since 1982 I have been using my clairaudient, clairvoyant
    Clair sentient abilities along  with channeling Angels and Masters on client's, remotely breaking up their  emotional blockages of post traumatic stress disorder, and inner child pains and issues. Since Nov 2011 I have been working on a  International skype websight called Oranum under the name of Kosmak,I have helped clients on privately and in groups. .  A speech therapist  said my tones were a tool. Someone  deaf  could feel the tingles in his knees. Some one who had a heart Condition, stopped taking her heart medication and someone else  went off ADHD and anti depresant meds. I don't endorse going Off any medications   I am not a doctor.   . i also do Tarot Card Readings and channelings with Masters, Angels and loved who help  guide and heal people.   People when they  listen to my Crystal/tonal Healing's on You  tube under the name of  Kosmaks 100. ,Aches and pains are released along with  feeling  more  relaxed, and peaceful   (right Side of the brain). Instead of  the left side of the brainwhich has feelings of anxiety  (fears of the future)  and  depression  ( feelings of  guilt and anger turned inward). 

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    4. Open Your Gifts with The Angels- The Gift of Free Will

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to unwrap the Fourth Gift with Sasha from
    The Angel Playhouse
    Free readings too- Call-in or come to the chatroom.
    Register for THE ANGEL PLAYHOUSE WRAP-UP PARTY on JAN 11 from 8:45 to 9:45pm EST

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    Free Psychic Readings on Air - 100% Call In Show

    in Spirituality

    Call in for a Free Psychic Reading today with Jack Steele. Call in to get your question answered!

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    Hear Now Ye Angels and Ye Men! FLORIDIAN ROYAL COURTE PRESENTS: Black Magic Sheba The: GRAND GOVERNORESS and our Sunday ADEPT CIRCLE. Foundation of the Studies are based upon teachings of PROFESSOR DREW THE EGIPTIAN ADEPT and his divinely prepared HKMSTA. We honour all TRUE AND DIVINE PROPHETS i.e. JESUS MOHAMMED BUDDHA CONFUCIOUS etc. Members and Guests excercise ALL OF OUR FIVE SENSES always demonstrating in the SCIENCE of MUHIBAAT HAQQ SALAAM HURIATUM wa ADYL. LTPFJ. So be it.

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    Love Peace and Harmony Soul Power Group and Free Healings

    in Spirituality

    The very High vibrational Divine Soul Song "Love Peace and Harmony" was given by the Divine to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha to give to humanity during the Soul Light Era we are now in.  It carries the freqency of Divine's Love.
    "It's essence is Love.  Love melts any blockage.  Love heals, prevents illness, rejuvenates and prolongs life.  Love transforms every aspects of life including relationships, business, communities.  Love transforms soul, heart, mind and body.  Love is the essence of the soul light era". Soul Wisom I by DR. and Master Zhi Gang Sha .
    Please join me in an effort to melt away the many blockages/karma that humanity has accumalated and is suffering from 'through wars, terrorism, extinction of species the economy, disease, weather, disasters etc. because of humanities karmic behaviour of creating wars, mistreatment of animals, mother earth, finances; relationships anger, emotional imbalances, abuse/neglect of environment/atmosphere, and much much more.
    How can we help Mother Earth get through this major transition period?  We have to bring divine love, forgiveness,compassion and light to humanity.We have to join our hearts and souls together collectively to serve all humanity and by singing'\"Love Peace and Harmony" with so much love in our hearts we will be universally serving to heal mother earth and all universes. 
    "The purpose of life is to serve.  I am a universal servant.  You are a universal servant.  Everyone and everything is a universal servant.  A universal servant offers universal service, including, universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing harmony, and enlightenment"  Soul Wisdom I by Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

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