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    Peace On Earth

    in Spirituality

    Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays?
    Is it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree?
    Is it the birth of Christ or the day after Santa Claus comes to town?
    Why are we so offended by ideas? What is the root cause of the pain?

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    "The End Of The WORLD" Broadcast

    in Spirituality

    The Broadcast was recorded on December 21, 2012, the D-Day of the dreaded Mayan Calendar "End of the World".  Millions of people have feared that this day would bring great tragic cataclysms.  Of course, there are many interpretations of the few remaining artifacts of this lost civilization, but many believed there would be catastrophic conclusion to this age. Fear on fear amassed upon all kinds of people in all areas of the world.Now the day has past with no more than the usual unprecedented events of corruption, crime and debauchery.  Many of the fear mongers and terrorized went a-partying when they lived another day.This broadcast will discuss these things as well as the infallible source for certain in store events of conclusion to the world, this age and all things in it.  Yes, there truly is a day coming that will see "fervent heat" burning the "elements", both in this earth and in the celestial heavens of the universe.  In deed, this source is not from secret prophetic murmerings, or mystical imaginations fostered in dark caves.We will discuss where to find peace in times of trouble, safety through unprecedented upheavals, and love during times of heated hatred.These things are so simple; yet, hard to find without earnest seeking.Sounding the Alarm.com

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    We're All Still Here

    in Spirituality

    When you're as thick as humans there's no leaving this density. Let's talk about the real and universal meaning of 12/21/12 that no one has said before. It might be scarier than you think.

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    The Next Phase With Astrological Fusion

    in Spirituality

    The idea of doing a show again on this network was something I had to really consider, because I felt like I was losing connection with my authentic purpose.
    Then I took a coaching workshop that really changed my perspective, but it kind of took me a few months to kind of figure out which directioin I'm headed, and so I decided to return to Blog Talk because I find it an incredibly easy way to podcast without the technical nightmare known as editing. By doing the podcast live then available for later download completely eliminares the need to delete sounds of coughing, sneezing, or my phone accidentally ringing.
    So we're going to trim it down to a 15-minute weekly podcast, but I'll schedule the program for 30, just so I don't have to feel so pressed for time. I'll take your questions primarily only by e-mail,  as this allows me to actually pull up your birth chart, perform some typical calculations to Uranian, and give you an honest answer that has been given reasonable astrological depth and study.
    Previously to this program, I actually never casted charts when taking live calls because of the potential computer biohazards I'd mistakenly create when attempting to speak, read, and type all with one hand.
    You can e-mail me directly at ernesto@eastrologer.net and put "Radio" in the subject line so I know how to categorize your question. 
    If time permits during the live show, I may take a few live calls, but this will be limited to one or two only due to the time constraints and consequential breaks so I can pull things up.
    I'm really interested to see where the listeners would like to see the show head, so your comments are important to me. You can also go to my website www.eastrologer.net and keep up to date.
    12/21 is the dawn of a new era. Let's explore this together in the program and set our intent for the next phase.

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    in Spirituality

    If you want to find out what 2012 and the MAYAN CALANDER And what 2012 is all about join us today at 11:30 (GMT) UNITED STATES - CALIORNIA.
    Host Author, Spirital Advisor Deidre Hathor and Guest Holistic Practicioner,  and founder of The Happy Temple and author of the book "Juice for Life" will lead a discussion on 2012 a well as a guided year in meditation wth the focus on New Beginnings. www,thehappytemple.com
    Deidre's book "EVERTHING SPIRITUAL - EPIPHANY VOULME 1IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. www.amazon.com/epiphany-wisdom

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    in Spirituality

    Joins Us to CELEBRATE the 12/21/12 NEW EARTH SHIFT in a One Hour Show with  the 1nenessChannel; Our Host JeweL I will be will be blessed by the presence of THE PURE LOVE APOTHECARY Goddesses and Georgina Beament  from the 11.11 awakening Code. we will Laugh, talk and meditate for We have all come a long way to reach this special and amazing time on Planet Earth. and The world will not end, far from it, it is just the beginning! so Lets HAVE SIRIUS FUN ! ITS BLISSENS TIME ! ONENESS  

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    Are you a healer? Do you feel blocked?

    in Spirituality

      What secret agenda with 'curses' do you have that maintains or invites being 'cursed'?

    Dr. Lisa Cooney will be joining Tamra Oviatt, Friday, November 30th at 9am to facilitate discussion and clearing of this high density and problematic energy that has been known to block
    healers from actualizing their brilliant, potent, and prosperous offerings.

    This introductory call is for you if:

    *you have had a decline in vital energy
    *business decreased and clients are lack luster with you
    *clients, students, or yourself have become more reactive or isolated
    *physically you have either put on weight or had random pains or sickness befallen you
    *or you just don't feel right and can't put a finger on it (your awareness has become limited)

    So, together, let's look and listen and learn another way!

    Let's find those secret agendas created from implants (internal influences) and explants (external influences) and release the obligations and services, let alone the blood oaths and vows, of the artificial intensity and invention these energies have infiltrated within us all.

    The time is right, the discussion is poignant and the clearings are essential!

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    Episode 13 - Scott Mowry pt. 2 - Extraterrestrial Contact

    in Spirituality

    In this the final episode for 2012 Lorna Blake wraps her interview with Scott Mowry, the founder and primary voice of MiraclesandInspiration.com, an information portal for cutting edge news about expanding consciousness, the new Earth, ascension, the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, spiritual transformation, extraterrestrials and much more. He is a writer, researcher, filmmaker, musician and inspirational speaker.

     Scott is a tireless proponent of a very positive and spectacular future for the human race which is unfolding right here, right now on planet Earth in the year 2012.

    Coming up on the show find out why this year is significant as far as extraterrestrial contact with humans. Are you interested in living healthier, longer lives, cleaning up our environment or getting off our reliance on oil as a planet? Tune in to hear Scott share some of the benefits we can expect to receive from our contact with extraterrestrials.

    Are you feeling a shift in the consciousness of our planet but you’re second-guessing yourself waiting for information from mainstream media to confirm what you’re feeling? Listen in to find out what Scott has to say about that. It’s going to be amazing!  And remember to share the link with your friends.

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    Spiritual Awakening

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual awakening! Here we go A transformation is about to Take place.  Brace yourself Life as we know it will end! Just relax and enjoy life like Thursday's our last day  on earth.  Lets all hope The Mayan Calendar is wrong and A New day will dawn for us all On Saturday 12/22/2012 One door  closes  and another Door opens. Join Clarity and Her guest co-host as we find The positive way to view the Fear of change as a new  Beginning and approaching  our new Lives the way a child does... With wonder and joy Thursday 12/20/12   8pm CDT 9pm EST.        6pm PST.   call in #  1-424-675-8313          

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    Angel Show "light as a Feather" with Alicia Tucker and Lynn

    in Spirituality

    Join Lynn ths week with her guest Barbara L Hampton who is a tremendously gifted and accurate master Numerologist. She is also clairvoyant,claireaudient,recognizes letters and numbers through the energy of vibration.
    She recognizes that al things are perfect in the moment nad that we are all part of the whole.
    Join us and see what is in the numbers for you.

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