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Coming to you...from an un-disclosed, classified location Spiritual Investigators Internet Radio Talk Show! With your hosts Michael Roe & Brian Welter. Please visit our blog site at www.spiritualinvestigators.com There you will find out more information about who we are and what we do and why we do it! We specialize in many unusual topics such as the UFO Phenomena, Alien Abductions, Ghosts, and strange phenomena as a whole. We also talk about other difficult spiritual topics such as Spiritual Warfare, End Times Prophecy, Fallen Angels & Demons, The Rapture of the Church, and so much more. No topic is off limits! Please feel free to email us with your comments and questions at spiritualinvestigators@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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1. What is God like? 2. How does a person get saved? 3. What is a Christian? 4. Is God watching to see if we mess up? 5. How can I find the right church?

On today's show we have some very interesting questions we talk about. Listed below are the questions answered. We also have these questions set apart as individual download format on our website. You can share them with your... more

On today's program we answer these following questions. We hope you enjoy the program and as always we would love for you to submit your own questions for us to answer and put up on the website. No question is off limits. We want to... more

One of the most intriguing topics in the entire Christian world is something called Spiritual Warfare. It's mentioned many places in the Bible. We're going to go over this topic in great detail. These include a break down of the demonic hosts of... more

On todays program we talk about Halloween! What is Halloween? Why do we celebrated the day? We will answer these questions and go over the real history of the holiday. Should Christians participate in halloween? These are all... more

On today's show the Spiritual Investigators team takes a look at the Stars! Now we're not talking about movie stars here but rather we dive into a the histroy of the study of astronomy and what the Bible says about the stars.... more

What is Atheism and Agnosticism? With all the different religions out there, how can anyone know which one is correct? 14. What does the Bible say about Cremation? What is the Biblical view of Euthanasia? 16. Is there such thing as... more

On this special program we are excited to discuss the significance of archeology! Especially when it comes to proving the Bible. We will have our newest member to the Spiritual Investigators Team Ken Morden share with us his information... more

Idolatry is the worship of images. We are bombarded with these things every day in our culture. What should the Christian's perspective be on these things? And how should we respond or act when we are faced with issues that go directly... more
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