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 - Thu, Dec 18 2008

Many of us undergoing ascension and reintegration at this time find ourselves being directed to explore - and do - things we would normally not have considered. And it's highly likely that you've already found out that Spirit seldom takes NO for an answer, if these tasks are necessary components to our spiritual growth and development. Often they make no immediate sense and require us to step out of our comfort zone, feeling self-conscious and alone. Sometimes these appear as major leaps but if we take a few quiet moments to consider it, we'll almost always see that these tasks are really just an extension of knowledge and wisdom that we've already acquired. In my own experience, I've found these tasks to be the practical or "application" portion of learning; the theory aspect has already been downloaded into our conscious minds by the work we've completed. This has almost always required a considerable sacrifice of some sort, on our part, and no small amount of dedication.

If you're reading this, you are already very aware that we are being transformed on a cellular level to orient or "attune" us to accept more of the energy beng directed at all of us during this crucial time leading up to the Shift. The other aspect that is often overlooked is that of communication - with the Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light who are playing a crucial role in our development, often behind the scenes and invisible. It can seem like a huge maze when one first begins to realize that they are being awakened to the role they have agreed to fulfill, prior to entering into this incarnation. It can be both a frightening and enlightening experience, for example, to come to a full realization that much of what we have thought of as being our depression is really the emotional energy of those around us making an impact in unfavorable ways. Because of this change we are undergoing, our ability to sense the energetic emotional energy of those around us is being heightened, often at an alarming rate. Empathy is a very common trait among us, as we're being transformed, and it is a very new experience for many of us.

We can feel very alone and may even think we're being ignored or taken for granted in some cases. On some level, we understand that others have busy lives but it still doesn't alleviate those feelings completely. Is there a solution to this dilemma? You'll be happy to know that there is and it revolves - ironically enough - entirely around energy.

Here's what you can do....Pull out your address book or your friend's list, here at BTR, and begin the first day by selecting just two people. And then perform one simple act: Write them a quick note - something very short - and simply let them know that you appreciate them. Don't get too detailed - unless you feel directed by Spirit to do so. It's never a negative - and I strongly urge you to consider this approach - to take a few moments prior to selection, whisper a quick request to your guides to be shown which 2 to contact. Consider taking a few extended and calming breaths before you open your eyes. One aspect of working closely with our guides that people sometimes forget is that of courtesy. If the communication and relationship with yours isn't fully developed, it can sometimes take a bit of an orientation period to feel each other out - not just for them but for you as well. Because our psychic abilities are unique and in varying stages of development, we'll receive their guidance normally in a manner that will employ our "psychic strong sense" and it takes patience and determination to develop this. If you have the desire and are willing to make the effort, they will respond in kind. So, allow them a reasonable amount of time to respond and try not to over-analyze.

Use this tool for 7 straight days and try to limit yourself to only 2 people each day. This is designed to begin stimulating energy in a very specific way and it's always advisable to start with small steps. One would never consider having a few cigarettes with their coffee in the morning and then expect to run a marathon with world class athletes in the afternoon. Always keep in mind that our progess and development are entirely dependent on patience and timing...we are being asked by our guides to exercise the first but keep the second one in mind - our timing is not necessarily the Universe's timing.

If you've just made a coffee and interested in spending a few minutes and reading about my ongoing spiritual and metaphysical education, you might enjoy dropping by my web journal entitled "Walking In Dreamtime":

Namaste and Many Blessings.

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