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Spiritual Perceptions

Spiritual perceptions


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Hello, My name is +Janet Thornburg, and I represent the spiritual realm. Spiritual perceptions from Great Spirit.

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This show is to help us understand who we really are in our spirit. If you are born again, this program will help you to elevate in your spirit. Sometimes our purpose can be confusing and with the truth you know will set you free. We are all troubled with self doubts, emotional insecurity and other aspects that keep us from our highest good. Callers can get insight to where they are now and whats ahead. We have witnessed over the last 15 months or so disturbing truths that have rocked our confidence in our government, and threats and rumors of war, very unsettling times. Your participation in this program can relieve alot of anxiety about your future. Be blessed, looking forward to speaking with you. Call in number for this show is 646 378 1297
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This show is to help with understanding difficult patterns in our life. These patterns could be generational curses, wrong choices, wrong thinking. We are all on this human journery confronting problems in our intimate relationships. family or... more

God's intention for our lives is nothing missing and nothing broken in our lives. We live this human life with obstacles and walls created by ourself and others that keep us from experiencing all that God has created for us. This show is a... more

Life unlimited was God's orginal plan for our life. This process was interupted by orginal sin and has since been restored two thousand years ago. This radio show will demonstrate how to remove the chains that bind us and the walls that... more

Love is the most sought after aspect in people and the most feared. God saw in the beginning that it was not good to be alone, Love is in many forms in life, parents, friends and close and personal relationships. We have alot of planetary... more

This show will focus on the planetary actions that occurred at the close of 2017 which will effect what is happening for 2018. Callers can receive a look at relationships, love life issues, and prospects for 2018. I speak of relationships... more

This show will focus on trends and over all look into the years opportunities and individual trends. A variety of tools will be used including tarot and some planetary placements and numerology and of course the Great Holy Spirits desire for us... more

This show is aired by popular request. It is to end 2017 with an overview and look at 2018 for personal aspects. We had a profound year in 2017, weather disasters, a full solar eclipse that went across the United States. There were... more

This show will have a special guest speaker, Julie a trained counselor in these areas, This time of year there seems to be alot of people who are depressed and we are very fortunate to have Julie with us to help with suggestions and help. I... more

Money makes the world go around and then there is the lust of money and people will do anything to get it. The intention of this show is to help us to understand the real purpose of money. We have a choice to have fleeting riches or durable... more

This show is designed to help us not react to negative emotions and be present to the moment, It teaches us how to control our emotions and not be reacting to emotional drives. It will help us in discernment and in controlling our feelings... more