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There is a Power here in my life that is GREATER THAN ANYTHING IN APPEARANCE IN THIS WORLD. This Power is the Great Singularity within and behind All-That-Is in Creation. IT is the One Power, One Presence, One Life, One Mind living and moving in each and every one of us. IT is the All-in-All, the All-and-All. This Omnipresent Power is right here where I am as ALL that I Am and ALL that I need. Knowing that the All-and-All is right here in me and for me bolsters my courage and gives me the strength of mind to endure this moment that is calling me to ACT with the boldness of Spirit; this is a moment of deliverance. This is Liberation Time for the Planet. Courage and Fortitude must arise in me. I shout within myself a hymn I heard as a child: "Take courage my soul and let us journey on, though the night is dark and I'm still far from home; praise be to God: the morning light appears and the storm is passing over. Hallelujah!" I shout with the faith of those who followed the Underground Railroad to Freedom. I shout with the Fortitude of those who survived death camps and ovens. I shout to awaken in myself the strength of mind to speak Truth in the face of lies and to ACT boldly in the face of persecution. Our survival on this planet depends on Courage and Fortitude in the face of that which a few demigods have planned for the followers -- the sheep. We require an empower Light that dissolves the darkness of fear. I call for Light that penetrates the fear-based memories programmed in my genes. False-evidence-appearing real must be dissolved in me--in us. Divine Right Boldness arises in my soul. Divine Right Action is awakened in me.  That which is above in the “heavens” of Divine Mind is now revealed in my conscious world. I move freely with absolute Faith in the Almighty I Am within me and within All-That-Is. Ase. Amen. And so It is.