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I turn my attention away from the appearances of things in the manifest world.  “I lift my eyes to the hills” of my highest Conscious ness where Light dwells. I know that It is The Omnipresent Light that is my Source and my Substance. This Light is expressing Itself in each and every one and in and as every thing. There is only Light. In the beginning was the Light and the Light was with the Light and the Light was Light. That Light – calling Itself into Being — some call God. It is the Source of all life, all love, all wealth, all health, all peace, all victory, and all joy in their purest expressions. I activate this quality of Divine Light in my soul, my mind, my heart, my personality, my body, my experiences, and in every aspect of my life by my recognition. Instantaneously, my greatest good manifests as my experience in this life. I receive the miracle of supernatural intervention, and the answers that I seek show up instantly in my living area where I receive them in my human experience. I claim miracles in my life right now. Divine Light is seeded in me as an Eternal Spark that simply awaits my awareness and devotion.  Every time I remember that Light is the Source and the Substance of All-That Is, the spark of Light in me  grows brighter.  Every time I remember that Light dissolves all shadows, Light shines more fully in the world through me, and I recapture more of who I Am. I activate the sacred Nature of Supernal Light that is encompassed in these letters of Light, and I wrap my arms around myself.  I embrace my rekindled radiant Light.  The Light of the Eternal One shines in every atom of my being. Oh, Omnipresent Light is right here where I Am as Intelligence, Creativity, Wisdom, LOVE, Joy, Peace and Prosperity. Endless Light restores my soul. My soul shines forth as the Light out of which I am made. I rejoice in the Light that I AM.