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Wake Up Call: The Elephant in the Room-Unconscious Bias

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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It is nearly impossible to heal what ails humanity if we are not willing to acknowledge the ailment. Cognitive Science and Neuroscience tell us that we make most of our decisions based on 98% NONCONSCIOUS programming and only 2% conscious reasoning.  That which escapes the nonconscious mind becomes the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. The smell is in the air brom the elephant's waste, but is ignored. Dr. Shankar Vedantam predicted four years ago that the election of 2012 would be difficult for President Obama if the campaign of the GOP put race on the table in anyway. The elephant is in the room. If those who are uncomfortable with the elephant bring it up, their attitutes and behaviors will trigger something in that 98% NONCONSCIOUS MIND in people who thought at one point that it didn't matter.

"Our hidden brains will always recognize people's races, and they will do so from a very, very young age," Vedantam says. "The far better approach is to put race on the table, to ask [children] to unpack the associations that they are learning, to help us shape those associations in more effective ways."Are you brave enough to talk about the unconscious bias that pushes folks to vote for something or someone who is against their best interests? 

Dr. Maisha Hazzard talks to us about being a Spiritual Activist in the truest sense by activating the inner Power of Love, Light, and Intelligence that is seeded in us.

  • LOVEFORCE is our life force set  at the frequency of INFINITE LOVE, activated by an understanding of Universal Principles.
  • When we stand in or with LOVEFORCE at the frequency of Absolute Love, nothing can rise against us, and hearts can be shifted from hatred to compassion and acceptance.