Spirit Talk

Marisa Ryan

United States, EnglishParanormal

Marisa Ryan is a Internationally known Psychic Medium and Paranormal Expert. She is the Host of "Spirit Talk" radio show as well as featured on the Radio across the World. Marisa delivers communication between people and spirit. Spirit Talk radio show guides people to answers on life and the unknown. The show features...Interviews, Channeling, Live Readings, Meditations, Spirit Communication,Q&A with Guests, Life coaching, and everything for the Mind, Body and Soul.

On-Demand Episodes


Ask and you shall receive. The psychic is in. Marisa answers your questions from spirits and spirit guides.

Ask and you shall receive. Guidance that is on the mark. Your guides dont mess around. They are ready to answer.

Marisa brings forward messages from you spirit guides and deceased loved ones. Ask and you shall receive.

A Father's Day special. Call in to communicate with your deceased father. Marisa brings through loving messages and validation.

Get ready for answers to your most important questions. www.marisaryan.com for info about Marisa

Marisa is back! Call in for Messages from guides and deceased family members. Spirit is calling on you! Marisa delivers!

Marisa brings in messages and guidance from your family and spirit guides.

Marisa communicates with deceased loved ones and spirit guides to bring you messages from beyond and guidance.

Medium, Marisa Ryan answers questions and gives messages to you from your deceased loved ones. Also, your spirit guides have advice and predictions for you and your life. It is time to get answers.

Call in and connect with your loved ones who have died or your spirit guides through Marisa. Marisa brings messages of love and hope. For more info, go to: www.marisaryan.com'