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YOU ARE LOSING YOUR COUNTRY. What does it matter if you lose your medical coverage?  Global worming created by Al Jazero Gore and George Soros the KGB INVESTOR. OK one degree either way every 500 years. Compared to 3.000 nuclear degrees tomorrow.Your house is underwater. You lost 50% of your stock value in 2008. Don't sweat it. It all belongs to the Chinese now. If two guys in the USA cash in their 401K they will start a run on the bunks. Don't worry about green and the endangered species. You are now on the list the taxpayer with no green. You know what you need. You need more school bills so you can become a doctor and take what Obama gives you. Obama says you can get to keep your undertaker. We can suport all this but not the troops. Did you ever ask yourself how their morale is? you know what is good for morale? A 100% increase in combat pay. Five million dollar KIA benefit. One million per loss of limb /vital organ. Now that is $upporting the troop$. Give them their country back. Instead of calling them NATO troops Call them AMERICANS. Is it time to review their prison sentences and pardon them like Clinton pardoned drug dealers and FLN terrorists. Maybe shorten sentences and reopen cases. Welcome home we missed you.