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Support your healers for they are a gift from GOD. You may contact me for a private reading 858-822-9878 Remember to Donate and support those who support you! Happy Miracles! Spirit in Motion What moves you? A creative proactive approach to the use of spiritual awareness in your life. Are you ready? What is psychic? The main belief of a psychic is that they tell the future, predict an unknown out come. This is one level of awareness that can be focused on but consider another perspective. To be psychic is the clear communication between the body and spirit. We are all psychic! Our Hunches, Knowing things off the top of our head or our gut feelings are all aspects of this soul communication. Like any other ability, it takes attention to bring into focus. Spirit in Motion offers instruction, inspiritation and communication to all seekers looking to take steps in empowering themselves to see the truth for themselves. I will be offering lessons in psychic development, guest teacher's and readers offering up different tools and perspectives along with Free readings for YOU the Listener. Join us and play in the world of a psychic every wednesday from 9pm tp 10pm pst Donations are appreciated Check out my website for new offerings. simhc.com

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What is the role of a healer? A healer is mother/father God's channel through which they work to support man kind. So often they are taken for granted because the work is invisiable to most and it is expected that they give it away with out... more

Happy Holidays and Welcome to A month of Miracles part 2. This week I will be guiding you through a meditation to discover your miracle making ability. This is the space when you the being is using your natural ability to create directly for... more

Tis the time to access the christ energy that is most present and powerful this time of year. Jesus, through his experience, brought us the gift of forgiveness. This energy is experienced as gold energy. His words of 'forgive them for they... more

How we manage our energy, the extension of our soul into the world, can be tricky business. Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone and even though they are smiling you are feeling uncomfortable or invalidatied.... more

Are you a recovering Care Giver? What is that you may ask. Someone who puts others first to there detriment. I decided to choose this topic because as I expand my teaching and healing practice I am remembering why I stepped away... more

The Pursuit of Happiness! Is it pie in the sky or is it something tangable that can be pursued or even attained? I suppose thats up to the individual. As I looked at this for myself I found some unexpected memories that have shaped... more

Have you ever watched kids playing and in such a state of amusement that the seriousness of adults doesn't effect them? Amusement creates such a high vibration that space is created for continual movement and change. Do you... more

Emotional Tone reprise is occuring as the surver went down last week and I was unable to complete the guided meditation. Read October 13 for a description. "Chat Readings" This week I am changing the formate to accomodate many... more

Emotional Tone is the range of emotions we express as a human being. The language of the body is emotion, are you listening? From death to bliss, we have an expansive range, such as musical instruments, to play our unique... more

Psychic Paula Irwin Shares Psychic Wisdom, Stories and Insights in everyday life plus Call in for a 10 min. Psychic Reading with Paula. We will cover; The first 30 to 45 min. will be focused on a subject through lessons and... more