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In The Battle . . . Finding The Balance

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The hiatus is over….SpiritFlesh is back! Queen B and Tiesha-Free continue on the journey of truth. In honor of the holiday, how are you exercising your independence? What are your personal prisons? What could you change in your... more

Chapter II of LOVE is in our midst. Queen B. is in a committed relationship and Tiesha-Free is dating, exploring the possibilities of new LOVE adventures (which is waaaaaay left for both). In this new process, constantly in self-evaluating... more

SpiritFlesh has evolved in more ways than the cohosts, Queen B. and Tiesha-Free, could have ever imagined. The next chapter of SpiritFlesh is taking on the various assignments in rediscovering LOVE when a soul... more

Queen B. and Tiesha-Free are back for their first show of 2011 in reflection mode...evaluating some of their most relevant lessons of 2010 and how to execute change in 2011 once the lesson is learned...listen in! ***SHOW... more

It’s our anniversary show...woohoo! We'll discuss how these last 12 months have shaped us and how our shows have assisted in such a significant way...leading into our latest discovery that sometimes silence is necessary. Since beginning... more

Ti and Queen talk fantasy...those mental vacations that are taken when life is just...life. How much escape does one need? And how much of life is passing by when we venture out in such a way? So what fantasies do you create when it... more

Have you looked to your lover to provide for you in a way that you should be providing for yourself? Or been looked upon by your mate to provide them with their personal boundaries? Queen and Ti discuss the realization that... more

SpiritFlesh returns with a daddy celebration. IT'S OUR FATHER'S DAY SHOW (in July)! Queen and Ti discuss their take on why dads are so important. ***SHOW SOUNDTRACK*** Papa Don’t Take No Mess by James Brown / Just The Two... more

IT'S OUR MOTHER'S DAY SHOW! Queen and Ti discuss the dynamics of adult children and their mothers; and as always, offer some tools to expand on the love in this unique relationship. Will also do a little reflecting on the Oscar... more

Queen and Ti divulge more into self-love and offer some suggestions on how to recognize and conquer the beast that lies within us all. ***SHOW SOUNDTRACK*** Who’s Gonna Take The Weight by Gangstarr (R.I.P. Guru) /... more
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