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Civilly Yours

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     It has come to my attention recently that there are an increasing number of civil rights violations being acted out against the American people and "pet" owners appear to be prime targets for the abusers allegedly functioning in an official capacity from behind their badges of undeserved power and unnecessary, sadistic control. Individual taxpaying citizens become victims of egregious home invasions and their "pets" are all too often seized illegally, killed, and/or displaced  The animals become the innocent sufferers of trauma and life threatening disorientation fllowing, in most cases, prior years of comfort and safety in their familiar home and surroundings. They are separated from lifetime canine and feline companions as well as from their human companions and caregivers whom they love and trsut. With overcrowded facilities being their destination, they are always subjected to physical harm, illness, and devastating fear. Having no idea where they are or what will happen to them, often elderly, sweet, lovng animals are caused immeasurable suffering and the process of housing them takes the dwindling space from otherwise truly lost or abandoned pets who are supposed to be held to give searching owners a chance to find them.

  Your own family pets can be seized from inside your private home and tortured and killed by county employees who are in charge of  abducted pets and said employees are neither animal experts or even compassionate individuals with any interest in or knowledge of animals. These home invasions and the seizure of your family pets can be and  are acted out against you without warrants, probable cause, or exigent circumstances. County officers need only fabricate details and lie to cover for their egregious violations of your civil rights and the rights of your cherished animals.   
   Finding legal help is nearly impossible.