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The Spencer Hughes Show

The Spencer Hughes Show


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Discussions and calls on politics, pop culture, current events, human interest stories, and even the paranormal. An eclectic radio adventure!

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Many plants in America may begin raising and slaughtering HORSES for human consumption. When we take the emotion out of it, is this really that AWFUL?? Why do we feel guilty for the horse but not the cow? The dog but not the pig?... more

I have a lot of opinions about this story, and I am SURE you will, too. A New Jersey family had their home raided after someone reported a Facebook photo of the 11-year-old son holding what appears to be a military style assault... more

Is THAT the answer from a fascist like Bloomberg?? HIDE things we don't want people to buy?? So...do we hide donuts, cookies, and bacon?? Do we hide copies of the Constitution?? Or how about OBAMA'S books?? The latest stupidity... more

Is the GOP re-imaging of itself a good thing?? Or a SELL OUT?? Will catering to immigrants the way the democrats do actually gain support for the GOP?? And isn't that just selling your sould (and your COUNTRY) for VOTES?? And it... more

Leftist Bozo Michael Moore wants to parade around photos of the poor innocents who died at Sandy Hook to further the fascist agenda agenda against the 2nd Amendment. UNREAL. SHAMEFUL!! And the Friday B-List as well!!

Should youth baseball raffle weapons? How about an AR-15?? Is this appropriate. Plus: A new Pope, attack dolphins, and Hughes Reviews the News.

Man pleads guilty to waterboarding kids. What the FRIG is wrong with people?? What was the worst punishment YOU ever received from your parents? Worst you ever dished out for YOUR own children? One lawmakers says HELL NO... more

Is there finally some sanity?? A judge has the guts and brains to stand in the way of Nanny Bloomberg's fascist super size soda ban. And a Pew Survey finds fewer people trust the government. Is the tide turning?? Are enough people waking up... more

This is the last day New Yorkers can enjoy the freedom of soda SIZE!! Tomorrow the fascism begins. Who would you guess are the most DISTRACTED drivers on the road? The answer may or may not surprise you. We'll talk about your... more

Very thrilled to welcome author, musician, and cryptid hunter Lyle Blackburn to discuss his awesome book The Beast of Boggy Creek. What is the Fouke Monster? You'll hear some hair raising stories and eyewitness accounts of... more