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***ALL NEW*** SpectaLIVE #162: Are We Living in the END OF DAYS???

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(Live Air Date: 2/24/2011 @ 9pm EST)***ALL NEW*** SpectaLIVE #162: Are We Living in the END OF DAYS???

The short answer: Yes... Welcome constituents of casual TRUTH, courtesy of your resident blue-collar scholar SPECTA, a.k.a. SpecFromDaDec!!! Obviously a convincingly clear case can be made as to the impending demise of humankind. From a biblical and/or religious standpoint, how can one argue that “end of days prophecies” aren’t being fully satisfied on nearly a daily basis in our world today? From a socio-economic stance... one might site the persistent digression of “the world’s mightiest economy” in that of the United States, home of the immeasurably debt stricken, yet compulsively credit addicted average American household may bring about worldly conflict and substantial life changing events to catastrophic levels that would dwarf any presidential campaign slogan for so-called “real change”. One might even take it a step further and imply our morbid destiny shall materialize at the hands of extraterrestrial forces or beings, interplanetary shifts and realignments, and any ONE of the ONE MILLION other ways to end life as we know it on planet earth... but the BIG question is... WHEN??? When will the fabled fat lady finally sing her tune? With conflict everywhere you look, gas prices soaring into the stratosphere and our country nearly bubbling over with economic disgust, that song very well COULD be heard a whole lot SOONER than you think, IF... and that's a BIG IF, we don't do something about it SOON!!!

Let's chat about it shall we? In TRUE, NO HOLDS BARRED, crammed and slammed SpectaLIVE Show fashion of course!!! All on the next SpectaLIVE "Think Differently" Talk Radio Show ONLY on 100radio.com... Come along with us, and GET YOUR BRAIN OUT OF THE BOX!!!