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ReSpec CLASSICS #156: The FEARLESS Negro... Are We Safer SEGREGATED???

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ReSpec CLASSICS #156: "The FEARLESS Negro... Are We Safer SEGREGATED???"

Greetings supporters of "THINK DIFFERENTLY about the world around you" Talk Radio!!! This week, allow me to introduce you to the one and only "slavery" survivor who claims to be able to achieve GREAT success, even when allowed to integrate with other races!!! WOW!!! Able to leap adversity in a single bound, able to stop speeding racists dead in their tracks and carry on his merry way, able to educate himself as he sees fit to accommodate his life as he desires to live it, able to save mass amounts of money while living WITHIN his means, able to take responsibility for his shortcomings and not blame an entire political party for his failures!!! What is this MADNESS!!! Who would dare such feats?!?!?! Why, none other than... the FEARLESS NEGRO!!!

Does it really take an act of congress to recognize that your success today is less dependent upon the color of your skin and more dependent upon the content of your character? Is it really a "fearless act" to enter today's society and DO THE RIGHT & RESPONSIBLE THING in order to find success in life? Some people think so... and we are going to find out WHY they MAY (or may not) have a valid point, on this CLASSIC episode of SpectaLIVE!!!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! Should women be able to express their sexuality without constant comparisons to less savory, indecent, promiscuous characters or without accusations that they are simply "selling sex" all the time??? Maybe we can all agree that today's relationships aren't your grandma's hand-holding hug-fests, so why are female sexual expression standards so outdated? Wow.

It goes down, but you already knew that! All on TONIGHT'S SpectaLIVE CLASSIC show re-broadcast! So come along with us... and GET YOUR BRAIN OUT OF THE BOX!!!