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SpectaLIVE #106: The Death Of Greatness

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SpectaLIVE #106: "The Death Of Greatness" If you are anything like me, you are currently fed up with partisan politics, power-hungry politicians and the last minute antics of the Bush administration with this lousy bailout fiasco. Pelosi is an embarrassment... just had to throw that in there... this finger-pointing is useless so why even bother? And if I hear another unwarranted gospel song about any savior other than GOD, not to mention any damned POLITICIAN, I'm going to vomit… Aggravating to say the least.

I'm done... on to much more important, fundamental issues threatening our very existence here in the good ole' U.S. of A... how about the fact that real GREATNESS as we know it is under attack in America today? Independence, individuality, excellence, free market capitalism and independent success are quickly becoming ancient relics to be replaced by more government controls, re-distribution of wealth, moderated, under-funded and non-competitive dept. of education practices, and an overall attack on achievement and use of reason and logic based decision making skills as a mental disorder or something!

"It's crabs in a bucket" meets Karl Marx reasoning... success and greatness is what the people believe it is, destroy greatness and destroy the ambition to be great, but how? Not by attacking the great, that only creates martyrs and legends, but by perpetuating the mediocre and underachievers to a perceived level of greatness... AH HA!!! You would be hard pressed to find any real substance amidst the orgy of ignorance dominating our media today... Why is that? The dumbing down has already begun. We need to wake up my friends. Let's discuss it shall we?

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