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A conversational, no-holds-barred approach to intellectual discourse on current events, entrepreneurship, and financial and cultural awareness with features from some of the most promising young voices of this generation. A platform for the leaders of the millennial movement.

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The millennial generation is in love with the idea of entrepreneurship but few truly understand what it takes to start and develop a brand. To avoid failure, young entrepreneurs must accept that a brand is like a living person that requires a lot... more

Whether it's used during election season, to promote a new product, to get people to attend an event, or used fictitiously by our beloved Olivia Pope on ABC's 'Scandal' Public Relations is everywhere. Join us as we discuss Public... more

Ta-Nehisi Coates' , a national correspondent for The Atlantic, comprehensive and extensive write-up of the case for reparations for Black Americans has been the topic of much debate and conversation. Coates states ?Two hundred fifty... more

Pervasive blight, crime, neglected school systems, and bankruptcy...terms that have all been used to describe the condition of Detroit, MI. Once the Mecca of the American automotive industry, where French architecture was as common as... more

Bills, life, expectations, jobs, relationships, the list could go on forever....Life is full of things and situations that stress us out. But how do we deal with life's stresses without looking for relief in self-destructive tendencies? Join us as we discuss... more

In recent weeks, social media has been in a frenzy over the Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his mistress' tape, which revealed his disdain for her public friendships with Black men. Later, many African Americans, and even people... more

We've become numb to the mass shootings, stabbings, and erratic behavior displayed by the influx of recent news stories. It's easy to write off the actions of others as just 'bad behavior' but what happens if we dig deeper, if we start to... more

Online dating has become a worldwide phenomenon and a useful tool for people of all demographics. Bravo's latest reality show ?Online Dating Rituals of the American Male,? has confirmed the normalization of online dating and its... more

There is a relationship crisis, unlike any other recorded in history. Divorce rates are as high as 68 % in some countries. Many millennials have been born into disruptive or non-existent unions, As a result, it seems millennials are ditching... more

Human Sex Trafficking generates an estimated 9.5 billion in revenues in the United States every year. It is the most common form of modern day slavery with children being some of the most common victims (300,000 children at risk in the... more