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Speak On It With Tre

Speak On It With Tre


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The summer's over...kids are in school, football is back, and so am I ! No particular topic, just a getting to know you session. So if you missed me...thanks. if you've never heard of me....stick around, you will. See you at 6:30!

I know everyone has heard the term that Men are from one place and Women are from another....well let's just focus on what we got on Mother Earth. We are gonna tackle everything, and it wont be one sided. I got a female guest to level... more

Not much to say here...this is YOUR SHOW, so if you this is your chance to say what's on your mind. See you Friday....6:30

MY bad yall! March has rolled up on me fast.....i forgot to do FF! Well that time is now! Open Forum for one and all. See you on the air Friday!

We've always heard the old saying about 'a woman scorned', what happens when it's theGUY that's had enuff? For every good guy out there doing the right things, there's a bad one that does the exact opposite, and the ladies LOVE... more

We've seen this status all too many times...has social media destroyed the value of having a relationship? Does everyone have to know everything you and your mate are doing? Are people out there lying about their status, but they are home... more

I'm gonna be alllllllllllll over the place tomorrow. We'll gonna talk about Don Cornelius, The Presidential Race, and much more.....we're lettin YOU...the caller/listener give shout outs too. We are acting a fool tomorrow, and we hope... more

So nice we had to do it twice! We had some folks that didnt get a chance to weigh in...so i'm bringin it back this friday! Make a date for 6 pm....hope to see you there !

He/She is sexy as hell......he's/she's new to the job and says hello. Wants to take you to lunch.....from lunch he/she brings up dinner, and this would be the week (fill in the blank) has pissed you off. Do you say yes? I want to hear... more