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Chris Chamberlain

Build a Straw House

  • by Chris Chamberlain
You have decided to build a home, but your not sure what kind of house is best for you and your family.These are all questions that many people ask themselves when building, buying, or owning a home everyday.Have you ever thought about... more
Chris Chamberlain

Blueberries, Nature's Boost

  • by Chris Chamberlain
Have you ever tried a sweet, juicy, sun kissed blueberry on a warm day right from the bush? The outer layer crispy and bursting with flavor as you bite down. Blueberries make your taste buds feel good while you're eating them. But do... more
Chris Chamberlain

Going Green saves more then money

  • by Chris Chamberlain
When you think of going green you think of the little ways you save energy and money. Whether it's turning off lights, unplugging unused appliances, or stopping a dripping faucet. But there are times when we don't think about... more
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