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I apologize for the poor audio quality.  The event was broadcast from a restuarant using their WiFi.  Due to the room acostics and configuration, my mic has not set up in an ideal position.


I had ben promised by Representative Bachmann's staff to have at least 10 mins of an one on one intimate interview.  Unfortunately, Michele Bachmann arrived 30n mins late and was on a tight time schedule.  I did get two questions in at the very end.  However, she is a FANTASTIC speaker and dynamic in person.


When she entered the room, she went DIRECTLY into the crowd and shook almost every person's hand - over 250 to 300 people.

The Bluffton Tea Party of South Carolina sang a song performed & written by Don Fortney - "Can You Hear Us Now?" as Michele Bachmann entered the rally.  It just may become her new anthem!

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