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Dr. Valorie N. Parker, Businesswoman, Author, Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker is dedicated to empowering the human spirit. Hot Topics From The Soul is a virtual lifeline for Social issues, Relationships, Family and more. This platform will allow your voice to be heard and your questions answered as we discuss Soul Topics. Visit my other sites for additional services. www.arisebyvnp.com or www.unveilingsecrets.com

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Dr. Amanda Carter's area of expertise include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, and mental health. Autism is quickly rising in our communities and not much information is given on how to identify it or if its hereditary. Our children are constantly being put on drugs that make them sick or worse, when their are ways to identify the illness and deal with the special needs that we need to incorporate so that children can live a productive life as possible inspite of the disablilty.
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Dr. Ruben West is known as The Vision Breakthrough Expert. He is the founder of ?The Success Immune System?, a Professional Certified Success Coach, trainer, entrepreneur, published author, and dynamic speaker. He teaches and trains... more

As Individuals we are always going through situations and circumstances that are beyond our control. Regardless of the situation you are all you've got and it's going to be up to you to fight your way through all the negativity and setbacks to... more

Summer is here and so many of our children are playing and enjoying their vacation away from school, and in most cases away from their normal care givers. This is the season and hour that we must pay attention, listen... more

Dawne Kirkwood is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur, that's survived many obstacles in life as many of us have, but has a special recipe for success, in showing you how to give birth to you dreams. Learn how to be the... more

Ray Shipman is the founder and CEO of ChampionShips Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to inspire youth through education and sports. With the many adversities our Youth are experiencing today. As a former NFL player Ray... more

Kevin Johnson a Businessman & Entrepreneur has had the opportunity to live his life on purpose. We often think that setbacks are fatal, but the reality is that they are situations created to push us into purpose. When adversity comes don't... more

Kim Wolters is a businesswoman, who has experienced not one but two journeys to heaven and back. She is 49, has had diabetes since age 5, been dealing with heart disease for the past ten years, was traumatized by being involved in two... more

Sacrifices are made on a daily basis for us to have the right to be free. Our armed forces are sent to dark desolate places with no frills of life that we take for granted. Our law enforcement are endangered every time they have to answer a... more

AnnaMaria is a well established singer from Miami Florida. She has an incredible journey as a wife, mother & businesswoman. She won her first music award at the tender age of six, going on to dominate the competition for the next few years.... more

We purchase appliances, cars & houses expecting them to last a lifetime, however, after a couple of years everything starts to break down and you have to get repairs done. In most cases things can be fixed but then we have things... more
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