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Dr. Valorie N. Parker, Businesswoman, Author, Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker is dedicated to empowering the human spirit. Hot Topics From The Soul is a virtual lifeline for Social issues, Relationships, Family and more. This platform will allow your voice to be heard and your questions answered as we discuss Soul Topics. Visit my other sites for additional services. or

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Soul Retreat 2014 is one of the most explosive weekends you will experience. Personal empowerment is the way of the future, because if you can envision a goal, then you will be able to obtain it. Our lives are what our thoughts create,... more

Steph Stanford is a world class speaker and motivator who has taught hundreds to have better relationships, connect with your Spirit, and believe in themselves. She transformed her own thinking to overcome a failed... more

Dr. Damond J. Roker, Motivational speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, & author is a husband and father that understands the power of his relationship with his daughters, and how important it has been for him to stay active in their lives and... more

School is approaching once again for our young people and those moving forward into higher education. However, with that comes more obstacles and fiances. More peer pressure, bulling, teen pregnancies, etc, What will introduce you to... more

As we see the continued increase of single parents in the home and the absent Parent is no longer just the Father, but the Mothers are leaving their children with relatives, because of emotional or physical reasons, etc., what message do you... more

It's summertime and this is the season that we come together to celebrate and honor our families. Most of us come from families where there is good, bad and ugly, however, they all together make us who we are. This is an opportunity to... more

Sue Dumais, Author and Speaker, shares her courageous story of self-discovery and personal transformation. After years of searching for meaning in her life, Sue had a spiritual awakening and realized her life's purpose. With deep clarity in... more

Stacie NC Grant, Empowerment Specialist & Event Strategist is living her calling to LEAD, TEACH and INSPIRE! Described as ?God's Designer Original?, she ignites her audiences with her captivating smile, intoxicating humor... more

Dwight Pledger & Dan Smith, from D & D Training & Coaching Solutions will be discussing how Fatherhood has inspired them to become Entrepreneurs to provide a better life for their family. Men often struggle financially to provide a... more

Richard Hamilton, will share his experience from the penthouse to outhouse, from elite White House Guard to being guarded at the big house. Richard has experienced the highs and lows of life and the emotional roller coaster that it... more
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