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The focus of the show is the journey of the soul while on the path to enlightenment. Areas explored are shamanic studies, akashic studies,metaphysics etc

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In this episode, LaOta Rassoull speaks with Ellie Stewart about the upcoming nation-wide, manifestation group sessions she is having. She will go into detail about what takes place in these group sessions and how you can particpate in... more

On today's episode, we will be talking with Tom Masbaum, an EFT advanced practitioner. Tom is also the founder of EFT With A Guarantee, wherein EFT With A Guarantee practitioners can guarantee success in their EFT therapy... more

In this episode, LaOta Rassoull & Asiya discuss various topics relating to energetic health and some commonly asked questions. Topics may include: -DNA ACTIVATION -SOUL CLEARINGS -ALIEN IMPLANTS -CURSES -ENERGETIC... more

In this episode, our monthly psychic Raine, will be joining us to do free readings for our listening audience. Also, every Wednesday we have group DNA activation sessions and will be discussing the benefits of DNA activation. To join one of... more

In this episode, LaOta Rassoull & Asiya discuss information about DNA activation. We have been having weekly group DNA activation session every Wednesday since 2012 in which hundreds of people around the world have participated... more

In this episode, LaOta Rassoull speaks with Ellie Stewart about BioEnergetic Scanning with the Bio Feedback machine. The Bio Feedback machine is non-invasive biocommunication technology that connects to your body to a... more

On today's show we will be having our monthly psychic, Raine, giving free live readings to our callers. Visit Raine's website: WWW.YOURENERGYTHERAPY.COM LaOta Rassoull:... more

Today we will discuss how the Mihealth can scan the biofield and suggest possbile challenges you may be experiencing with Ellie Stewart, Akashic Records Instructor

The topic of today's show is "Soul Clearings" which is an advanced energetic cleaning and clearing service that takes place in the Akashic Records. We all are having multidimensional experiences extending beyond our current 3rd... more