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Soul Revolution Radio, is blog radio where you can get the answers your Soul has been searching for. Spiritual fulfillment, paranormal curiosity, Earth awareness, alternative healing and more! Ready to fly?

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According to the Institute of Heart Math, the Heart is the primary communication center. We think it is the brain and although the brain does communicate to our nerve centers, the Heart sends data to the brain thereby influencing information processing. More than the other chakras, our Heart sends vibrations out to those we interact with. In turn, their Heart picks up on these vibrations and responds accordingly. This may explain part of why we end up in relationships that mirror what we supposedly 'don't want' in our lives. Working with and balancing the Heart chakra can help minimize the negative vibrations we send to others and help bring into our lives higher vibrational relationships. Not just romantic, but friendships and work relationships as well. Higher aspects of the Heart chakra are - empathy, compassion, kindness and courage. Lower aspects are - being critical, irritation, low self-esteem, and feeling disconnected from those around and the world. Tune in to learn more about the Heart chakra and take part in a balancing meditation.
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'The future of humanity in the secrets of the paranormal'....Tune in and learn more about Dr. Barry Taff's experience investigating many, many paranormal cases including the famous case that became the movie The Entity. Dr. Barry E. Taff,... more

Anmarie is back! She will be going through and educating us about the major arcana cards in the Tarot deck. Curious? Anmarie was with us in March to give us a brief overall lesson of the Tarot so if you missed that episode click here... more

As part of the personal growth series, Soul Revolution Radio is doing a monthly meditation. This month, the focus is on the Solar Plexus Chakra. The solar plexus chakra is the center of our personal strength, willpower, self-esteem, boundary... more

As part of the personal growth series, Soul Revolution Radio is doing a monthly meditation. This month, the focus is on the Sacral Chakra. The sacral chakra is the center of your sexuality, passion, creativity, and nurturing. When healthy,... more

Interested in learning more about 'Spirit Allies'? Curious about how the Universe provides? Tune in to my discussion with David Armstrong and the fascinating information David brings to us after what he learned during a near-death... more

Are you curious about numerology? What exactly can numerology tell us about ourselves? Karen Winkelman will be sharing her knowledge about numerology and its significance in our our life paths as well as for our businesses. Karen... more

Beginning in April, Soul Revolution Radio will begin a series of meditations designed for personal growth. Personal growth is something lots of people are interested in but may be missing an integral part of the process....meditation.... more

What is Green-Surance? The only alternative health insurance choice. Green-Surance is the only "pay it forward" community where Membership empowers people, elicits change and saves lives. Green-Surance is about... more

Curious about Tarot? Want to learn how to do your own readings? Anmarie Uber will be instructing us in how to read the Tarot as well as a LIVE meditation to open up to our own psychic ability. Anmarie's interest in and study of... more

Do you believe you have the ability to heal yourself? From chronic pain to overwelming emotional duress, Mark Earlix has the ability to tune into your body and find where these issues originated and remove them from the body. We... more