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Soul Purpose Healing


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Host Viyahta Robinson shares her 20+ years of experience in the Holistic Health field, focusing on the root cause of dis-eases and the importance of healing on a soul level first. Topics will include emotional awareness, understanding and translating body talk, German New Medicine, the power of words as well as Information on the latest scientific research to support use of natural healing tools. Her guests provide knowledge, experience and insight into the Soul-full healing journey on earth.

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NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) is a legitimate dis-ease. Moma Azee and friends bring you the solution on this podcast as they explore what the voices of nature are telling us. From the stones to the mountains and trees nature speaks to us about the Creator's purpose and wisdom in these confusing times. Many women are experiencing a healing and transformation as they draw closer to nature and spend more time in meditation to hear the Creator's voice. Join them and ascend!
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The rise in sexual assault in the military, on both men and women, bekons us to reconsider what it means to serve our country. One case in particular of PFC Lavena Lynn Johnson is so disturbing that we have to question if there can ever... more

This podcast gives ideas, knowledge, wisdom and suggestions to prevent and reduce homelessness. The vision is to help the homeless learn how to build houses and grow their own food. Special guests will share their knowledge and... more

MOMA AZEE returns to share her wisdom and knowledge about the stones and natures voices. Your host, Viyahta joins her for a lively and informative discussion to help many overcome NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder). Too many have... more

HOST Viyahta and guest Schmuel Wahli discuss being a vegetarian or meat eater and the consequences of either.

Am i my brothers' keeper? What can i do to help? These are the questions we ask as we observe the homeless in our communities and wonder what can be done. This podcast is about bring SOLUTIONS and offering knowledge to assist... more

Join MOMA AZEE and your host, Viyahta on a journey through nature. We're overcoming NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) which is an official dis-ease in this country. Knowledge of the stones, rocks and plants and listening to the voices... more

Why is there still a battle to legalize marijuana? Why haven't we been educated about the many useses of hemp? Your host, Viyahta will discuss the current state of affairs for the hemp plant and the many uses that can improve our heath... more

Your host, Viyahta is joined by Sharon Anderson to discuss how to prevent homelesness and bring solutions for preventing. Our vision is to teach the homeless to build their own homes and plant their own food. Guest include... more

MOMA AZEE shares some messages from her earth journey to help us ascend and increase in our spirituality. Her wisdom gives a unique insight into the voices of nature and how we can overstand the events around us. Your... more

What is Geoengineering? Is it a threat or a solution? Overstanding this term will help you better understand other terms ike "Military Industrial Complex" and "Weather Warfare". There's a long history behind all this that will give you some... more