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SoulMate Coach Crystal

SoulMate Coach Crystal


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This show is for the woman who is 30+, successful, single and ready to have the relationship of her dreams! Hosted by Crystal Sylvester CPCC, trained and certified Relationship Coach, who helps women break the cycle of painful relationships and unlock the door to the relationship of their dreams!

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We all know the story. Your single for a while and you start to think that you are ready for love. Than is; until you meet the guy and then you PROMPTLY decide that LOVE is too much work and maybe you weren't ready after all! Or you feel... more

Is the reason you don't have the relationship of your dreams YOU? Is it possible that you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself when it comes to love and relationships? Tune in because, you just might be surprized to find out the... more

Okay, this may sound like a crazy one BUT I had to ask! Because, I talk to many women, especially sista's who were taught that dating more than one guy at a time was NOT a good thing. And because I work, mostly with my lovely sista's,... more

Don't cha' want to know? I mean you're sexy, savvy, successful and STILL single?!?! C'MON, you're a nice person, easy on the eyes AND you can burn the kitchen down!!!! What the heck is really going on? Tune in Monday to find out... more

What IS a girl to do when a guy say's he really diggin' you and then promptly disappears for 2 days. What does it really mean when he says he's never met anyone like you before and he really enjoyed your date and then doesn't call?!?... more

I'm baaaccckkk! Tonight' show is LIVE so get ready for one hot episode tonight! Are you tired of having painful relationships or NO relationships at all? Well, in this episode we will talk about HOW to break that cycle! If you are ready... more

n preparing for the relationship of your dreams, awareness is key! Without awareness we are powerless to change. This means that we have to become aware of our patterns and how those patten affect our choices when it comes to... more

Now, they say hind sight is 20/20 BUT wouldn't it be great to be able to identify relationship red flags right away? How much heart ache could you have avoided it you would have known what the red flag meant? How can you avoid making... more

As we prepare for a new year, isn't it time that YOU had the relationship of your dreams? Well, that can be very hard to do if you are addicted to painful relationships! Do you feel like you are stuck in a "cycle" of bad relationships? Do... more

When it comes to ATTRACTING the relationship of our dreams being FWB's can be extremely detrimental! We can unknowingly be sending out the message that we are UNAVAILABLE! FInd out how being FWB's could be costing you... more