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Interactive program on various issues that empower others to live abundant and vibrant lives.

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The First Saturday of every month join Pastors Mark and Patricia Douglas as they give a relevant word that encourages you to live a powerful life of victory. Come join us for a lively discussion, teaching and exchange. This Show we... more

This program we will discuss loving yourself, before you can give that love to others.. The beginning of true love of firts for yourself and God then you can trully begin to love others.

The great power source of life is God in you. The essence of God in us is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God inside you provides revelation, comfort, peace, wisdom, and direction. Have you learned to powerize your life.

Join me as we discuss the beauty that lies inside of all of us. Some of the questions we will discuss will be: Is the person that we present on the outside the same person that we are on the inside. The bible states we are fearfully and... more

Join us for consversation, it will be a discussion between me and Lisa Scott. Are we human beings on the earth plane or Spiritual beings on the Earth plane or both. What holds us back from acheiveng and realizing our dreams, what keeps... more

Is the Word of God just linquestic noise or is it relevent to everday circumstances with power to change your life? Tune in to Soul in the City featuring Pastor Mark & Patricia Douglas to learn the reality of God's Word in today's world!

Life Coaching is motivational and can help you as you take the journey of making your destiny happen. Come join us a we discuss how Life Coaching can be beneficial in making your dreams, your reality. My guest will be Lisa Scott, a... more

Depression, happens during this Holiday season. We want to discuss how to be victorious , living abundantly, and conquering depression today.

Conversation and dialogue with Pastors Mark and Patricia Douglas, it will be inspirational and enlightening. God will share with us.

This show will discuss being free as a thinking.productive spiritual being.Being free to think, feel, live as a spiritual being on a earthly plane. Can heaven start here on earth in this plane. Does our thinking reflect our state of being. What is... more
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