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Interactive program on various issues that empower others to live abundant and vibrant lives.

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This episode is a burning bowl ceremony. The burning bowl is symbolic of burning or releasing those things,emotions, patterns or belief systems,that are holding you back from living the life you desire. Write those things on a piece of paper... more

Though the Holiday Season is a special time of joy, laughter, and spending time with those you love, for some the Holidays can be lonely, even depressing. We have helpful tips on this episode for busting through depression. We will look at... more

Do you sometime give up before you get what you desire. Sometimes our highest good is right at our fingertips and, because we perceive that it has been long in coming, we give up. Today we encourage you don't give up, don't give in, keep... more

In this episode we will discuss the God Power in you, the Holy Spirit. We will look at the Spirit of God in you, what does that mean? Come join us this conversation promises to be informative, and enlightening. We also presented a 20 day... more

As Christians do we sometimes follow our Pastors and leaders blindly. Do we really use the word of God as our guidepost, even to the point of following a Pastors. Do we realize our pastors and leaders are human, therefore they fall... more

Today you will meet the new co-host of Soul in the CIty Tabitha Jones, Tabitha is a life coach and Reiki Master, with many rich life experiences that will enhance the radio program. Today we will be talking about Procrastination, facing... more

Today's program will be on Practical Tips for Living with Rev. Michele Sevacko. Tips will be given with scriptural references, come and enjoy the program!

Living your life, being true to who you are, is the most essential element of living authentically.Not pretending, being true to yourself from the core of your being. It means to be authentic in every aspect of your life.This is a gift to yourself.... more

My guest today will be Rev. Michele Sevacko and we will be discussing practical, but purposeful ways to start your day. We also will be sharing scriptural references with our tips. Come join us for this lively discourse.

Life has a way sometimes of throwing a curve ball. How do you handle it when you get knocked down. Do you get up or do you stay down. GOd gives up the strenght to get back up agiain. Join us today as we discuss resilency.
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