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Today, we will discuss grace, how radical grace is. How awesome that it is God's Grace that sees us through past mistakes and setbacks

We co-create our lives through the words we speak and the beliefs we think. What are you creating for yourself. Join us for this discussion. This is part two in the series our thoughts and words. Let's manifest an abundant life

There is power in the words we speak, and we often have to check our thoughts to be congruent with what we want to create in our lives. Words are entities of energy that create or destroy. Let's talk about the power of the spoken word.... more

Our guest will be Rev. Michele Sevacko, we will be discussing our reflections on the Lent Season. Come join us as we reflect on the 40 day season of Lent. Rev. Mechele is New thought Minister and teacher, and musician.

Have you ever heard someone say, well the only thing I can do is pray. The most powerful thing you can do in any given situation is pray! Prayer changes situations, and often prayer changes you and how you look at a situation. Join... more

Merrily, merrily life is but a dream! Are you stuck in the dream, in the matrix of life. What is the matrix, and how do you unplug. This is the topic of this week's discussion, come join us. We will have a special guest, and the conversation will... more

Religion vs Spirituality, are these terms synamous or are they distinctly different? How would you describe yourself are you religious or spiritual? Personally,I am in a relationship with God, which to me is a category to itself. Join us in this... more

There are a lot of parents that can't get past the anger and disappointment they have with the father or mother of their children. Our children deserve so much more than anger, as their inheritance from you. In this episode we will discuss... more

As children of God we belong to the Kingdom of God as heirs, and citizens of the kingdom of God. Are you living as a citizen of the kingdom with full rights and priviliges, or you living less than God intended? Join us for this lively... more

In a fast pace world often we do not take the time to quiet ourselves, to listen to self, and God. Today we will learn Breathing and Meditation techniques to help you in hearing God, being still, and de-stressing.Today we want you... more
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