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Soul Hangout

The Hawk Mindset


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Transform your left brain into a hawk, training your thoughts to partner 50/50 with your Inner Child, and the creativity of your right brain to become unstoppable in your purpose. In other words, become a Black Belt Thought Master. An Expert in harnessing your thoughts to work for you, instead of against you. I inspire Entrepreneurs to train themselves to “copy and paste” the model of a butterfly by breathing transformation.Train themselves to “copy and paste” the model of the Hawk Mindset to optimize their left brain, and…partner with their Inner Child who is to hold and manage the passion and creativity of their right brain, 50/50 in the magic middle line, where the expansion of their Internal Visionary Team takes place.

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After naming and elaborating on the 7 Pillars of Thought, the foundation of the mindset, Acknowledgment, Truth, Fear, Errors, Judgment, Clarity and Self Responsibility, this session is a conversation with Michelle Finnegan Nixon with... more

Now you are a fully grown person who knows your thoughts create your reality, therefore you are willing to accept full responsibility for your actions. Self Responsibility is a requisite to overcome anything in life. Why? Because you are... more

The word Clarity, comes from seeing with the eyes of the soul. Inside and out. Clarity is what it is. Without attachments. Without judgment. Clarity overshadows all darkness and ignorance. Clarity grows with the gentle water of knowledge.... more

Truth is one of the most important words. Because it heals everything. In spite of the fact that it invariably hurts. The thing with the truth is, that it is not a moral issue. It is a need for the soul. Because when you hide the truth, what you really... more

If somebody asked me to write one word that would have all the elements of a magic keyword, the kind that has the power to transform, heal, clean, ultimately erase a lot of the nonsense that we humans engage in. Save time, enhance... more

How to read the perfection in our errors Yes, you read correctly. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N in your errors. Seems crazy, huh? Again, in order to learn reading the perfection in your errors, you have to treat errors as data. Part of... more

Judgment is a trap. When you judge somebody else what you are really doing is judging yourself by comparing that person to you because you bought the idea of competition and separation. In oneness there is no judgment, just support and... more

Today we'll talk about the word Fear. One of the most important factors to conquer, as Entrepreneurs and in life. Fear in our thoughts gets people stuck and paralyzed impeding them to advance.

The Why behind mastering the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. This is an interactive show designed to inspire and assist Millenials with entrepeneurial aspirations. Using a format that discusses and redefines one important word... more
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