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Explore the 'X' factor of love, destiny, soul-mates, and authentic living in this weekly radio show with world renowned author and Intuitive Robert Ohotto.

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Why is emptiness an essential state that must be cultivated as part of the Dark Night of the Ego? Furthermore, what exactly is ‘emptiness'? How does it act as a bridge from one life cycle to the next? Why is this powerful source of creative renewal so terrifying for us? How can we learn to embrace its grace? Find out on this enlightening show!
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Is there a time when we should shape shift or go invisible? When should we be seen? What happens when we go invisible when we'd be better off being seen? What are the consequences of being seen when were better off shape shifting?... more

Do things in your life seem complicated? Are relationships becoming more and more unmanageable? Are feeling confused by the signals others keep sending you? Not sure where you stand in regards to your marriage, partnership, or... more

What are your Soul Gifts? What are Ego Gifts? What do your Soul's Gifts and esteem have to do with each other? What happens when you don't give your gifts because they can't make you money? Is it ok to make money with your gifts? Is... more

Are you struggling financially? Have you been having trouble monetizing your passion and gifts? Are you afraid to ask for that raise at work or to be paid for your talents? Do you feel undervalued, underappreciated, overworked, and in a... more

If you think Robert's radio shows are powerful, you ain't seen nothing yet! One year ago Robert launched one of the most powerfully transformational online courses ever produced, ‘Discovering Your Destiny in the Shadow'. Since... more

Be sure to check out this show with an open format during which Robert answers all of your questions and gives live intuitive readings/advice to callers. No topic is off limits! He'll also talk about what's currently on his mind, answer... more

Has the time finally come for you to tell others in your life who you really are? Have you been keeping a part of yourself secret and now it's blocking you? Are you ready to come out of the closet about it but aren't sure if it's the right... more

Have you already started creating your New Year's vision board? Set your new goals yet? How about that new diet? Not so fast! Join Robert for this funny yet poignant show and find out why he says you should first go on a ‘I Don't... more

What would happen if you left your insecurities behind and just for one day lived as if you are awesome? What choices would you make? What risks would you take? Tune into this inspirational show as Robert shows you how to dump your... more

Have you found yourself tearing someone else down that has criticized you or been talking smack behind your back? Is it too hard for you to resist the urge to lash out at someone to defend your honor? Or do you feel the impulse... more