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Explore the 'X' factor of love, destiny, soul-mates, and authentic living in this weekly radio show with world renowned author and Intuitive Robert Ohotto.

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Do you get caught up on what choices to make all the time? Does the idea of having to choose give you great anxiety? Do you find yourself mired in regret over past choices you've made, feeling like somehow you have lost your... more
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Do you question whether you are really on a spiritual path? Do you wonder whether your work is spiritual enough? Are you worried that you are not living out your soul's fullest potential and missing your Destiny? Then this is the show for... more

Do you find that you keep attracting narcissists into your life? Does it baffle you as to why this keeps happening? Does the saying ‘like attracts like' apply here? Narcissists are usually the last to know that they are one; so could you be... more

Oh what a year in was! Join Robert for his final LIVE show of the year as he reviews the entire year while adding new insights to the ground covered in 2013 -- all based on some of your favorite shows! Got a question from your... more

Are all prayers answered? Really? Find out why Robert says YES and how you can know this is true. Discover how God does indeed answer them in ‘Yes', ‘Yes, but not yet', and ‘I have something better for you!' Tune in... more

Have you lost the capacity to believe in miracles and dreams? Do you find yourself always defaulting to negative thoughts and shutting doors of possibility in your mind through skepticism? If so, you can't miss this show! Join Robert as... more

Have you been living in the perception that you'll find your purpose once you've healed your past? Do you feel that your calling is something that will reach out to you once you finally ‘get things right'? Find out why Robert says... more

What does it really take to get through tough times? Does it take more perfectionism and strength? Or is it something else? Find out what Robert says is the essential key to getting through the challenges of your life on this... more

Following up on the release of his groundbreaking 14-hour audio course ‘Change Your Karma-Change Your Life', Robert opens up the phone lines to talk to folks about the course! If you're doing the course or have questions... more

What's the difference between believing in your worth and knowing it? How do you unconsciously relate to others through your esteem in ways that sabotage you? Are you aware of the quality of self-esteem you are living out into... more

What is Karma? Is it really the punishment from past lives idea we've come to think of it as, or something much more profound? Are there different types/levels of Karma? How can we shift our Karma in a shame-free way? What happens... more