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Explore the 'X' factor of love, destiny, soul-mates, and authentic living in this weekly radio show with world renowned author and Intuitive Robert Ohotto.

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What are Soul Contracts? Do you have one? How can you recognize what yours is? What about your Soul Contracts to others? Do you have a Soul Contract with organizations, animals, or even with the Earth? Want to find out? Then don't... more

What is a ‘Soul Contract'? How can Astrology help you know yours? Find out on this ground-breaking show as Ohotto explains how to use Astrology to decode your own Soul Contract!

When we think of abundance we often fail to realize that it's actually an ENERGY! Not something to go and get or ‘manifest'. Beyond all the BS ‘Law of Attraction' philosophies that clearly don't work; how can we truly create this... more

Perhaps you've heard of the ‘Live Your Best Life' slogan, you know the one that tells you to aspire toward more and more? Should we really buy into this idea? If we do could we actually be closing down our potential instead of growing... more

What is Karma? Is it really the punishment from past lives idea we've come to think of it as, or something much more profound? Are there different types/levels of Karma? How can we shift our Karma in a shame-free way? What happens... more

Are you struggling financially? Have you been having trouble monetizing your passion and gifts? Are you afraid to ask for that raise at work or to be paid for your talents? Do you feel undervalued, underappreciated, overworked, and in a... more

All this talk going around about co-creating reality but what's the ‘reality' on co-creating reality?! How powerful can we really be as co-creators and what does it really take to live the life of our dreams? Get ready for Robert to keep it... more

What should you do when life throws you a curve ball? How do we really make lemonade out of lemons? When mass events occur are they the result of our collective processes of karma and how do we know? How does collective... more

Oh yes, it's time for a show on LOVE!! Are you wondering why you just can't seem to find the love and connections you want in your life? Have you read the relationship books, tried online dating, gone to the singles bars and spiritual... more

Do you want a more meaningful life? Are you feeling called to ‘heal' and change the world in some way? If so, you won't want to miss this keeping it real show on how you may be blocking your Path and not even know it via the ways... more