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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling~

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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The Deception Conception~

This morning I checked my messages (as usual) and saw one the source of which I did not recognize. Now sometime I recieve a secondary billing message that is meant for my wife, but also appears in my message box; things like 'Your Mortagage payment is due on . . .', that kind of thing. Those I recognize, even if they are not mean for me. This morning I recieved one from Wells Fargo saying that they have locked an account due to suspicious activity, and in order to reinstate the account go to the following link. I was now suspicious, so I waited until my wife was awake and asked her about it (she does have a Wells Fargo account). She told me she had been getting these phising messages for a while, and to 'delete without opening'. This I did. The message 'looked' official, but it was not; it was someone or some thing attempting to get privilaged account information in order to raid the account. This is happening all the time, now, and we all must be careful not to fall for the deception.

Because of this kind of thing we are all becoming more careful with our money accounts, and who has access to our ID's and Passwords. We do this for our money, but for some reason we don't do this with our spiritual intellects, our hearts and minds. We allow anyone that declares they are 'from God' access to implanting information into our intellects, and hardly give it a second thought as to whether what is going in is the real "God's Honest Truth". We seem to be more careful with our money than we are of our eternal life.

This is why that when we hear something of Truth that is different than what we already know we reject it out of hand, simply because we believe it to be a spiritual phishing expedition, and we don't want to be caught believing a lie. But what if it isn't a lie, but the Truth, and we reject it?