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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Vote for Truth~

In California we have taken many issues away from our legislators as a self-defence mechanism for shoddy law making. And this has led to the Proposition system, where a group of people get together and write a proposition for the voter to impliment by a 'winner take all', highest vote total wins system. This is pure Democracy at it's worst. There are about a dozen propositions on our ballot for this coming Tuesday, and they have been constructed and worded in such a way that if you just take them at face value you will probably vote FOR something you are actually AGAINST. Go Figure. You MUST actually dig deep to find the truth. What the framers of these proposition want you to do is not to vote your intellect but to vote your heart; if they can get you to do this they will win, and the voter will loose.

As beings that desire to form a spiritual identity we often go with our hearts and not our heads (or a combination of the two) in forming our spiritual operating system. All of us start off by framing our spiritual identity from what we see in our parents. It is very sad, and makes it much more difficult to for a usable spiritual identity without the structure of the home and two parent family, which is why spirituality has become fractured, disjointed, and non-functional in many lives today. Because of this people move from one 'program' to another seeking solace in a 'group think' that allows them to become part of an extended family, where they feel safe and warm.

Satan has capitalized on this by offering an alternative to the Words of Jesus, words that have defined explicitly how to gain eternal life. This alternative makes people feel good about themselves, because deep down they agree with the concept that they will always be sinners and do wrong, and believe that God will save them as they are, in their sin. The Truth is different. Search!