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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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When do lies actually become truth? Most of us would say 'never'; we would say that it doesn't matter how long lies are spoken they can never become truth. But in the practical world of religion and politics this is simply not the case.

The USA is in a midterm election cycle, and the rhetoric is flying fast and loose on TV adds, in political speeches, and in accusations of wrong doing, or the rebuttals to the same. The closely held positions of political opponents have actually cause friends and family to desolve those friendships and family ties in favor of 'ideals' about how our country should function. And there is also an intersection of the political and religious with regards to immigration, where religious people that abhore the poverty and hunger of the less fortunate that live outside of the borders of the USA, want to allow everyone that comes to America free access across our boarders so that we can 'take care' of them.

The Kingdom of Heaven has borders, and those borders are well defined and permanent as specified by the King of that Kingdom, Jesus Christ. But there are a lot of well meaning and sincere people of religion that have decided on their own and without proof, that the Kingdom of Heaven is open to everyone and anyone that simple declares that "Jesus is their Lord". They say essentially that there are no borders of the Kingdom of God, and that all are welcome to enter even though they are full of sin. 

Spirit of Truth Ministry shows that borders matter when it comes to entry into the Kingdom of God. Join us for our program today and learn how to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagination when it comes to crossing the border into Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God.