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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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What do you believe?

This seems a simple question, but the answers are certainly not simple if what you believe will affect your eternal life. If you ask this question of a Christian one of the answers that you will receive will be that the person believes they are saved by grace through faith. So in reality faith and belief go hand in hand for most Christians; the more faith needed to justify proposition the stronger the belief. One of the things this type of belief system requires is a faith so strong that no proof to the opposite can overcome that faith. And there, (thanks you Shakespeare) "is the rub"! To any honest person the idea that you need more faith in order to believe something is a red flag that what you are believing needs serious introspection. The presented idea by the apostle Paul is that the more sin that needs to be dealt with, the more faith needed for a corresponding belief that your sins are forgiven, and the more faith the greater the belief. So the more sin you have the more grace you recieve to overcome that sin. Does this sound right? Did Jesus teach this to His own eyewitnesses? Did His eyewitnesses promote this in their gospels?

There are answers to those questions that Spirit of Truth Ministry answers by using the very words that Jesus received from His Father, that He brought from heaven and gave to His disciples (one of whom was NOT Paul or Luke), who wrote them down for us to read and understand. Do we really need more than the words of Jesus? Do we really need to have His words explained by 'experts', or are His words enough for us to use to come to an understanding of the Truth?

Join Rick and the team as we search for and find answers to these and other questions about how we need to go about the working out of our salvation "with fear and trembling".