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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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At first glance, it would seem to be presumptuous to Christians for anyone to feel the need to 'test the Bible for Truth'. This would 'seem' to indicate that truth is not actually IN the Bible, and this is simply not true. BUT (a conjucntion that modifies that which came before), while there certainly is truth in the Bible, there is also lies?

WHAT? How can you possibly say that? God would never allow there to be lies in the universally acclaimed repository for truth for Christians, would He?

The parable/prophecy about the Wheat and the Weeds belies that as a fact. According to Jesus, the Enemy put Weeds into the Wheat field that the Master planted before He went on a journey (Matt. 13:24-30). Jesus planted the wheat of Truth in the same location wherein at a later time Satan sowed the seeds of lies. 

There is credible evidence that after Jesus returned to Heaven the Devil 'converted' an evil man to promote a 'different gospel' from the Gospel of the Kingdom taught by Jesus to His own eyewitness disciples. This man, that never knew Jesus in the flesh, was accosted by a 'spirit being' on the road to Damascus, and was convinced by lies and subtrifuge that this being was 'indeed' the son of God. And right there the Weeds were sown in with the Wheat. 

So yes, there are lies in the Bible; but if it was not possible for anyone that loves and practices the truth to actually FIND the Truth in the Bible, then Jesus lied, and this is just not possible.

The first thing that a person must do to find the truth is to understand that they have been taught lies as if they are the truth, and purpose to find the truth no matter the cost. And THAT is the purpose of Spirit of Truth Ministry and the program The Bible On Trial on Blog Talk Radio.