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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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This past week our big tom cat, Andy, went out of the house for what we thought was his usual night time rounds, and he didn't come back. One day, then two days, then three; at which time my wife and I really started to become worried. By the end of the fourth day we had all but given up hope of Andy coming back. One reason that we thought this is because  there have been coyotes seen on the street where we live, and one never knows when they will show up for a free furry meal. He did come back.

During this time I thought a lot about grief. I read a wonderful expression and definition of grief, which in essence was 'unrequited/unfulfilled love for someone or something that is no longer around to recieve it'. A person that is grieving no longer has the object of their grief to love, and return that love. And this got me thinking about what God might go through after the earth has been made new.

You see, after the earth is cleansed from all disobedience what is left? Only those people that have obeyed the Commandments of God. And yes, God will be saddened by having to put to death all those that hated Them (Elohiem). But the saddest part of that will be Their remembering for eternity those that said that they loved God, but decided that the Commandments no longer mattered to their salvation. Yes, God will wipe away every tear for all of humanity that has earned eternal life by believing and practicing the Truth. But what about God's tears for those that He loved but chose to continue in disobedience, forcing Him to do that thing which He never wanted to do from the foundation of the world.

Jesus wept over His friend Lazarus. And we all have the power to cause God to weep for us in either sorrow or in joy, by either being disobedient or obedient to His Covenant of the Kingdom. In which way will God weep for you? They will truly weep for joy when you learn to believe His words, and practice His truth.