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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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There is a lot of talk in the past day or two in the Main Stream Media about impeaching the President of the U.S. based upon the word of a person that has been proven to have lied. What the outcome of this will be is very much up in the air. But there is one thing that is not 'up in the air', and that is that the Words of God as manifest in the Words of Jesus His Son can not ever be impeached. Why? Because to be impeached a person must be PROVEN BY LAW to have lied under oath; and for God this has been proven to be impossible.

What is not impossible is for someone to BELIEVE that they have told the truth in court, and later they find out that they have been deceived, and lied unknowingly to the court because they (themselves) were told the lie by a source, which they believed.

My brother, Don was a lawyer, and one of his favorite expressions was, "Ignorance is not an excuse before the Law". What this means is that you can believe and tell a lie as if it is the truth, and believe you will not be held accountable for that lie if you go to court. In other words, your accountability to the law has nothing to do with your sincerity in believing and speaking a lie, believing it to be the truth; the fact that you told a lie to the court is simply enough to impeach that testimony, which would cause a conviction.

When you stand before God in the judgment, and expect God to bless you with eternal life based upon your testimony, and that testimony is based upon lies that you received sincerely believing them to be true, you will be convicted of lying before God and sentenced to eternal death, and your sincerity in your belief will not save you. This is why you MUST know the truth, because only the 100% truth can place you in the Kingdom of God, and out of harms way in the judgement.