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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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"Truth of Dare" ~

Have you ever played the game Truth or Dare? It is actually an ancient game first played in Greece, and then morphed into a Christmas game, and finally to a game played mosty by children and adolescents. It existed for centuries as a game called Questions and Commands, and a more modern version became a TV show named Truth or Consequences. I made and appearance on the original TV show as a teenager in 1966. (I didn't win). 

The purpose of the game is to get another player to reveal something emarrassing about themselves, or to do something slightly dangerous as a consequence. I think we have all played it at one time or another, and if not you should try it the next time you are in a party mood with your friends.

The spiritual application of this game is that while searching for and finding truth can reveal character flaws and deficiencies with the performance of the 'commands' of the King, it also reveals the punishments for maintaining those flaws after they are revealed in order to avoid or make excuses for not following the Commandments that God has issued to His Kingdom. The 'Dare' is making the erroneous assumption that God does not care if you keep His Commandments, and that He will save you in your sin, and in spite of you daring God to not punish you for your hubris. 

Eternal Life is not a game, and eternal death IS an option, should you decide the Commands of God are not necessary in your salvation. Jesus said, "and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." John 8:32.

We most often take this as a request or an option; but in reality this verse indicates a direct command, in that you WILL know th truth, and and the DARE/punishment for not knowing is that you will not be set free. Free from what? Eternal death.  

In salvation Truth or Dare is a game you must play to win.